This is Link’s final weapon in Hyrule Warriors (spoilers)

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August 13, 2014 by (@NE_Brian)

Gamers are plugging away at Hyrule Warriors with the game now having been officially released in Japan. And one player has already managed to obtain what appears to be Link’s final weapon. As this falls into spoiler territory, you’ll need to head past the break for more.

The video below seems to show The Great Fairy. While she’s not playable directly, it looks like you can indeed bring her forth as a weapon by using the bottle.

Take a look:


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  • Conncept

    That is all kinds of freaky

  • MewtwoWillBeBack

    Idk why it is funny, but it is xD

  • Pattonsboy

    I love Hyrule Warriors

  • Joseph Shuckleiscool Giovanni

    im just happy you don’t have to get the lv.1 weapon first to get the lv.2 weapon.
    i use great fairy occasionally.

  • Green Arrow

    Well that was… something.

  • Necra Mancie

    One of the worst Zelda games ever. Why couldn’t TLoZ stick to dungeon crawling? This is almost as bad as the Pillips CDi games, and just as bad as the TLoZ games involving Cartoon Link. -.-

    • Kyrie Mikomi

      That’s a little too harsh there, don’t you think? Also take into consideration that this was just pooled together as a fun game on the side to tie people over. It’s quite literally (this being something they said themselves) the same thing as Dynasty Warriors. If you want a version with an actual story or real depth of content to it, just buy a damn Dynasty Warriors game.