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Ubisoft not showing off any Wii U/3DS games at this year’s E3

Posted on May 22, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii U

Ubisoft will not be bringing any Wii U or 3DS titles to the E3 2014 event next month. “We won’t be showing off any Nintendo games at E3 this year,” a representative told NintendoWorldReport.

Initially, Ubisoft provided a decent amount of support for 3DS as well as Wii U. But now the publisher has nothing major lined up for Nintendo’s portable, and Watch Dogs is the only remaining title slated for Wii U.


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  • Oh wow, sour. Hope we can change their mind. I guess he different structure of the 3DS is partly why they don’t want to support even that, despite the sales and install base.

    • superphillip32

      Yeah. Why are they so sour? It’s not they put effort into their Wii U titles and when they released they sold like crap because Wii U owners didn’t buy them! …Oh, wait.

      • I was saying I was sour, and no need for the sarcastic attitude, kid.

        • superphillip32

          Haha. Did you seriously resort to calling me “kid” as some way of trying to come across as superior?

          That’s funny, and I don’t mean that in a “you were intentionally being funny” sort of thing either. More of a “I’m embarrassed for you needing to rely on that tactic, as it’s pathetic” type of funny.

          I must have struck a nerve. 🙂

          • I called you a kid because you act like one. There’s no hidden meaning behind it. Stop getting riled up over everything and jumping to conclusions. Kid.

          • superphillip32

            I see. Well, I’m sorry I misconstrued your initial post. That was definitely my bad.

      • hallucinogenius

        They sold like crap for many reasons, ranging from low install base to long delays, but I agree that the biggest reason is that of that small install base most people weren’t buying Ubi’s games. It’s a tough situation; on one side I would love to see Nintendo get the support I feel they deserve, but on the other I can see why big companies don’t want to drop big bucks on big games just to have small sales. To be honest, I’m not so interested in Ubisoft’s games, regardless of the system. And I was pretty butthurt about Rayman. Not about it going multiplatform, that was a good and understandable move on their part, but it irked me that they delayed a finished game for 6 months so they could all launch at the same time, like can you honestly expect the sales to be great after that? Those 6 months could have seen better sales on WiiU than they did, and it wouldn’t have hurt the sales of the ports. But yeah, it sucks we’ve lost so much support, but it sucks more that I totally understand why.

    • Yeah always wondered why Ubisoft doesnt support the 3DS, its amazing how its doing and the big install base increasing 12~13m per year.
      Child of Light would do amazing on it.

      • superphillip32

        Software sales for the 3DS are not very good outside of Nintendo games, and even then, they’re not that amazing.

        • Really? But thats what the install base is for, you certainly cant expect that every of the 45m units will buy your game or even outsell 1st Party games, but at the very least you certainly will know that if you make a good game, it will sell at the very least 400k on the 3DS.

          • D2K

            Yeah, but the handheld market kinda drifts more towards casuals and children (which is the demographic Nintendo creams their pants over and which is why the 3DS gets the majority of attention and the Wii U gets treated like a red-headed step-child.)

            Most of these 3rd parties are more geared towards making games catered toward more mature audiences and the 3DS install base doesn’t warrant ports or ground up 3DS games catered to those audiences. If the 3DS was a huge hit with the core gamers, you’d see 3rd parties crawling all over each trying to get their games on it. The 3DS and Wii U essentially have the same problem, it’s just that Nintendo has decided only to use the assets they have to make the 3DS a winner. At least at this point. We’ll see what they have in store at E3.

          • Adil

            But the thing is that the 3DS isn’t getting franchises that the DS got previously. Madden is a good example. Also, even the PSVita is getting better western support than the 3DS. And 3rd party games on the 3DS are doing decently. It’s just that most 3DS 3rd party games are Japanese developed.

          • D2K

            EA is a bad example. We all know the story on that.

          • hallucinogenius

            Although, speaking of Vita, the big companies are starting to see that those AAA titles they love to sell are simply not selling on handhelds, so they’re starting to think of other things, hopefully that translates to better handheld support from big companies, not just ports of their already large and cinematic games

        • hallucinogenius

          Maybe for western companies, but the 3DS Monster Hunter series has outsold nearly every vita title combined

  • *insert raging flipping table meme here*

    • sonicfan1373

      Here is one for Ubisoft’s announcement:

  • sonicfan1373

    I was hoping they would at least bring more UbiArt Framework games considering that they already have the engine ported to Wii U and games like Rayman Legends did well on Wii U comparatively to other systems. Maybe they do not have a UbiArt Framework game to release this year.

    • No they had the one about the war. Valiant Hearts.

      I know everyone has the “good riddance” attitude because of the Rayman delay and a few other things, but I think Ubisoft deserves credit for being the biggest third party publisher to produce games for Wii U in 2013. Everyone else was happy to abandon the system.

      • hallucinogenius

        Yeah I agree, this announcement saddens me, but I do appreciate them sticking around far longer than any of the other big guys

  • Exposer

    I dont care about Ubisoft anymore…Seriously.

    • D2K

      You cared about Ubisoft? 🙂 J/K

      Personally, I will NEVER buy another Ubisoft game as long as I live.

      • Exposer

        I could do for Assasins Creed, but when they said that they will realese a game per year Ubisoft died for me.

        • D2K

          Money is hard to come by these days so that decision didn’t really bother me. Every company has franchises they milk. It’s necessary to survive unfortunately. We scream for innovation, yet when companies try to give it to us we don’t support it. Yet we’ll go out in droves to to buy the AC, GTA, Madden, 2K, COD, BF, Mario, etc over and over again. I think there is a measure of hypocrisy on our parts as well.

          • Exposer

            Honestly, i only buy three Mario Franchises: Kart, 3D and maybe RPG. But then not, indeed i dont considere Mario repetitive, but i think that some of those franchises must over…But the Japanese love those series so…

        • Skelterz

          assassin’s creed is balls man that franchise died ages ago i never liked it.

      • I really doubt that, but for the ones they have right now, I might as well do the same.

        • D2K

          What do you mean you “really doubt that?”

  • RedRocBoy

    I really hate this. If any of their people where to read the comments some of the Nintendo people wrote then they’d probably be like screw us. I understand all the Rayman stuff and Splinter Cell stuff but just because some people can’t get over things doesn’t mean we don’t want their games. This crap is really getting ridiculous. Honestly I want to support all developers on the Wii U but it’s either we get gimped or late ports. I don’t getting late ports but that definitely decrease the sells on Wii U especially when they don’t advertise on t.v. like they do with PS and Microsoft. I don’t want this amazing console (Wii U) to become a Mario,Zelda box.

  • Ken Krumbach

    And Ubisoft continuously proves to be nothing more then a greedy company that doesn’t want to try any thing new and wants trick people with that obvious GTA clone that is Watch dogs.

    I would rather buy from EA then them at least they are honest.

    • Ouch that was harsh.

      • D2K

        But oh so appropriate.

    • lucaslink2

      You sir, are my hero. Besides we all saw that one comming

    • D2K

      Heh. Can’t really argue with that…..

  • Luffy Quispe

    so no Just Dance 2015? im cool with that 😛

  • Nocturne

    who cares

  • Luke Kulczak

    Meh, saw this coming. Really just wanted Watch Dogs anyways!

  • D2K

    Yeah. Why would Ubisoft use a platform where EVERYONE IS WATCHING to show off the GamePad functionality of the Wii U version to create hype for it’s release?


    This game is either cancelled or Ubisoft is trying to tank ti so that it sell horribly so in “their” minds they have an excuse not to continue with Wii U support. I wish Nintendo had a leader with a set that would just kick Ubisoft in theirs and tell them to get their act together or get out.

    Then on top of that, make a game just like Watch Dogs but 10x better.

    On a side note, no one can make any excuses for these companies boycotting the Wii U. It’s official now. The Code Red is real. Even multiplats that are also coming to the 360 and PS3 aren’t getting Wii U ports.

    • Adrian Brown

      That’s the word, my friend, boycott. I don’t get why the industry wants to see Nintendo failing.

      • D2K

        Like in all situations of greed they think somehow Nintendo’s demise magically means that they will reap the benefits. When in actuality Nintendo’s demise would mean gaming’s demise PERIOD.

        I think what bothers people the most about Nintendo is that despite horrendous mistakes made by a CEO who needs so bad to be fired, the one good this Iwata has always done is manage to not lose money on hardware. Even with 3 consecutive operating losses (going on a fourth) and the fact that thus far the Wii U has been a disaster in terms of hardware sales and software sales, the Wii U itself is not losing money.

        The losses it did have at the beginning were infinitesimal. These other companies are putting everything they got into these AAA titles that aren’t selling either and it all boils down to them just being jealous of Nintendo.

        • Adrian Brown

          I think the problem is not only on the companies’ side, but also most gamers what to see it down. I mean people tend to forget the hundred of hours they enjoyed playing Mario, Zelda or Pokémon and now call those franchises “inmature” because of their look. They all want is cheap Mario games for phones at $1.

          And that’s another point, everybody wants to play Metroid, for example, in their PS4 or XBone but they don’t wanna buy the system “just for one game” (I hear this each time an apealling game gets released for Wii U). They want a $100 Wii U bundle with free games and tons of free stuff and don´t even care if the company would lose money with crazy bundles like those or not.

          I’m sick of hearing “not comming to Wii U” even when is being released for every other console out there. Nintendo can’t do it alone, but neither Sony or MS can.

          • D2K

            You have to remember that the people that recall those hundreds of hours playing Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon are memories of when they were YOUNGER rather than older. All my memories of Mario for the most part are from being a child in the 80s. Well, I grew up and even though I still like Mario and Zelda my tastes are more sophisticated than that.

            There needs to be balance and neither the Wii U or 3DS have that. As I mentioned earlier, the reason why it works on the 3DS is because the games that are flooded to the 3DS designed for the demographics that composes the vast majority of the 3DS install base.

            Nintendo needs to understand that platformers and party games are no enough to satisfy or sustain the everyday core gamer. Until they realize this the problems will continue. In ADDITION to the tried and true games Nintendo loves to do, they need to put just as much effort into shooters, fighters, racing, action-adventure, MMOs, RPGs, survival-horror, sports, and other genres sorely lacking on the Wii U but are in abundance on other console. By omitting these genres from their repertoire it hasn’t worked at all. All it did was drive away the core and consequentially the casual as well. Casuals follow trends. The reason why they came in on teh Wii is because they saw who much fun the CORE was having playing the Wii at the beginning and wanted to get involved seeing how intuitive the controls were. However once we got bored with it, they got bored with it and they either went back to what they were doing or jumped to smart phones and tablets.

            Chasing this demographic is a lost-cause IMO but it seems that Iwata is determined to get them back or die trying. Even if they do come back, it’s only going to be temporary until something else comes along. It’s a failed strategy. Leave teh gimmicks alone, start making hardcore gaming consoles like Nintendo used to do, start making games in ALL genres that are EQUALLY AS GOOD in terms of quality, visuals, story, and playability like they used to do, and that would turn things around. They wouldn’t need 3rd party support if they did it like that.

          • hallucinogenius

            I have been dying for Nintendo to create their own original fps IP, I think they could do such a great job, make it really fun to play multiplayer, and breathe new life into the genre, it’s getting a little stale.

      • Megina

        Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s been around for nearly 125 years? Maybe because no matter how excellent some non-Nintendo games are, they are mostly invariably incapable of holding a candle to the brand power created and polished over the years by Nintendo IPs? Or maybe because most of their “customers” are adults who find themselves incapable of feeling that thrill they felt playing Nintendo games on NES and SNES?
        Either ways, it would seem they’re not worth paying attention to. We’re at least getting great titles like Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (ATLUS), Sonic Boom (SEGA), Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (Square Enix), Skylanders Trap Team (Activision) and Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 (Disney Interactive). Then there’s that whole slew of O2 Interactive games, and dozens of indie titles. I’m pretty certain Watch_Dogs may be Ubisoft’s final Wii U game.

        • Adrian Brown

          you nailed it perfectly.

        • D2K

          Yes. Watch Dogs (if it even happens at all) will be the last Wii U game from Ubisoft…………………………………………….

          ………………and not one tear will be shed by me.

      • Christopher McNair

        The fans that don’t buy the games are the ones that want to see Nintendo failing. The only excuse seems to be “3rd parties don’t put the effort in for Nintendo consoles” or something silly like that. They can’t afford to put games on a failing console that Nintendo chose to make so drastically different and less powerful. Nintendo made the Wii U. It’s their fault it is unappealing. Saying the “industry wants to see Nintendo failing” is ignorant. People just seem to have a complex about blaming everyone except Nintendo for Nintendo’s failings.

        • Adrian Brown

          most of the things you said are true, however the “Wii U is not powerful enough” argument is not exactly the case since we’ve seen PS360 games with contect which the Wii U version lacked. It’s a damn circle, gamers don’t buy the games because they’re incomplete, and companies don’t put the games on the console because people don’t buy them, and so on.

        • D2K

          Can we stop with the Wii U is underpowered debate?


        • lucaslink2

          Please, you buy what you like, if you don’t like their crap [third party] you don’t buy it. PERIOD

    • superphillip32

      I think it’s more to do with not wanting to waste money on a product that won’t sell.

  • Michael Carpenter

    who cares? Nintendo buyers dont buy these types of games anyway. If they want to play them they get another console or PC. Ubisoft would lose more money than they would make if they released anything on WiiU or 3DS. It’s not personal its just bad business.

    • D2K

      Nintendo buyers don’t buy these types of games for to reasons.

      1. Nintendo won’t make these types of games anymore like they did back in 1990 (with great success I might add.)

      2. 3rd parties won’t bring these types of games to the Wii U like they did for the N64, GameCube, and even the Wii. Reason being si that Nintendo does not support or endorse 3rd party contest because they don’t even endorse or support their own product.

      You can’t buy something that isn’t there. The putrid marketing practices and terrible management decision are hardly the 3rd parties fault. You have to separate the companies that aren’t bringing their games to the Wii U because they are greedy D-bags from the people that Nintendo hung out to dry and cannot financially swing making Wii U games right now.

      However in Ubisoft’s case this is all mute because THEY caused ALL their own problems on the Wii U. Nintendo actually gave them the PERFECT platform to be successful and Ubisoft blew it as hard is it can be blown with a half-done, unoptimized piece of crap ZombiU and the Rayman Legends debacle.

      • superphillip32

        Good post!

      • Whybee

        “…they don’t even endorse or support their own product.”

        What do you mean by this? Is it like Nintendo not making enough games for their system?

        • sonicfan1373

          I think it is more like Nintendo not advertising their own system properly, which they have not done with Wii U, which imo is one the key reasons behind the low sales for the system. Similarly, Ubisoft has not really done enough to promote its games on Nintendo’s platforms but I also believe they failed to promote some of their key games on other platforms as well. The dismal sales of Rayman Legends (horrible sales for a game with lots of content and polish) and to a point Splinter Cell (which sold okay but did not meet Ubisoft’s expectations across systems) can be attributed to a poorly timed release schedule and lack of advertisement.

          From a personal perspective (you may disagree of course), I can also say that some of their games were not a good match for the Wii U’s audience. For example, when I got my Wii U at launch I was very excited to play Assassins Creed III because of all of the reviews I had read online and from a few of my friends. However, when I finally purchased it (had it pre-ordered and got it on Wii U’s launch day) I felt that it was overtly scripted and I found it to be very boring. Suffice to say that by the time holidays came around in 2013, Assassins Creed IV did not make it to my list of games to purchase; I personally believe (it is a personal assumption not a scientific observation) a lot of other people who have a Wii U and played the first release for the console had a similar feeling and skipped ACIV which is why ACIV sold horribly on the system, and for that I do not really blame Ubisoft for not bringing another AC game for Wii U.

          • D2K

            You can blame them because if the game was bad or boring it is THEIR FAULT, not the people that bought it and were dissatisfied. When Coca-Cola tried to come out with the “new” Coke back in the 80s people thought it tasted horrible. So rather than focus on the consequences of their folly and use that as an excuse to cancel Coca-Cola, they brought the old Coke back and called it “Coca-Cola Classic” and gradually phased out the new Coke.

            Ubisoft should be challenged to improve themselves and put out a better product, but in today’s world there is no such thing as self accountability. Everything is always everyone else’ fault but your own. If you make good quality games, people will buy them. Assassin’s Creed was always boring to me so maybe I’m biased.

          • hallucinogenius

            Assassin’s Creed is an extremely popular franchise, and the three Ezio games are some of my favorite games, but the same thing happened to me. I got the third at launch and very quickly grew bored with it, and the fourth didn’t do much to help it. Maybe I’m the one who changed, but it was very disappointing for me to have that experience with a franchise I love.

        • D2K

          How many commercials did you see during prime time hours on major networks for Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Sonic Lost World, Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD, Wonderful: 101, and Wii Fit U? I don’t remember seeing any. How many commercials did you see during the Winter Olympics for the Mario and Sonic: Sochi Games? If there was one I didn’t see it.

          How many Wii U commercials has there been? Hardly any in a year and a half. I can account for seeing at least one PS4 or XB1 commercial during watching regular TV. Nintendo doesn’t advertise their product. That is a fact.

          How many 1st party titles actually use the GamePad for anything other than tack-on controls that have no real function in gameplay? SM3DW, SLW, DKC:TF have no Gamepad controls at all. Neither does Mario Kart 8 or Smash Bros. They claim that they have a bunch of games to roll out at E3 that will use GamePad functions. We’ll see. However thus far Nintendo has not supported the GamePad. 3rd parties have done more with the GamePad than Nintendo has whether it be Ubisoft with Rayman Legends or WB with the Batman games.

          THAT is what I mean by this.

          • hallucinogenius

            This man (woman?) speaks truth.

    • Zuxs13

      Funny more Nintendo fans bought just dance, and rayman than on any other system. AC sold decent despite being gimped, ZombieU did well but ubisoft expected it on sell like CoD does so they weren’t happy. People will buy 3rd party if they put in a good effort.

      • D2K

        And these days that “if” is the size of Godzilla

      • Michael Carpenter

        Rayman and dance sold only because they were the only games at launch there was literally noting else. AC and ZombiU did horribly dont lie. Had there been any nintendo tittles like 3d world those games would not have sold, and now that those tittles exist no 3rd party games will sell on the WiiU. I am not bad mouthing your favorite company or its video game box, just stating the truth that you can see for yourself. There is nothing personal.

  • Ben Dover Kuntz

    thats it i will never ever buy a ubisoft game, im done period with these butts.

  • Whybee

    I understand not having any Wii U games planned (slow sales and all that), but 3DS? That thing is a hot item.

    …or maybe (I’m taking the optimistic route here) they actually DO have games in development for the two systems, but they aren’t ready to be shown to the public. Considering that the Wii U and 3DS are different beasts than the competition in type, main draw, demographic, and power, I almost want to believe that’s the case.

    …or maybe they don’t have any UNIQUE games in the pipeline for Wii U and 3DS, and all they have is multiplats.

  • Hairy-Knowles-Jenkins

    GOOD. As a 3DS owner I’m quite frankly sick of Nintendo. If they don’t announce a game I want to play this E3 I’ll sell my 3DS and never deal with Nintendo again.

    I have purchased Zelda OOT, Zelda LBW, Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart, Luigi’s Mansion, Starfox, Donkey Kong Country, Kid Icarus and Resident Evil Revelations. I haven’t purchased anything since November last year and haven’t touched my 3DS this year. If Nintendo do not announce a real game like Metroid this E3 I will be selling my 3DS. Im not interested in Smash brooders or Pokemon so Nintendo it’s up to you. Will you loose another life long supporter? Only E3 will tell…

  • TalesOfBS

    Rayman sold pretty good on the Wii U even after being delayed for six fcking months and losing its exclusivity, yet that wasn’t enough to warrant a proper port of Child of Light. We got 720p and blurry textures (Blurry textures! Why?)
    ZombiU sold good for a cheap new game that they made using Killer Freaks from Outer Space’s junk assets in so little time. They even talked about making a sequel months after the game was on sale and then killed it.
    Watch Dogs was delayed in favor of the other consoles. Alright, they are done with the other consoles and guess what?
    – Not a single fckng image of the Wii U version.
    – Watch Dogs director just trashed the Wii U version 2 times on twitter. Giving people a good reason to laugh at it.
    – They are clearly wasting MORE resources into MIMICKING the Wii U gamepad features on tablets for the other consoles than on porting the game to the Wii U itself.
    – And now they won’t even show it at E3? How the hell they expect this crap to sell later?

    Alright, some people will way “Wii U sales are bad” but then how the hell can you explain Ubisoft dishing the 3DS completely?

    Ubisoft was just shown their true self. Not wasting a dime on their games anymore. On any platform.