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Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation live stream

Posted on February 6, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Videos, Wii U

Today’s Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation will kick off at 8 AM ET / 5 AM ET / 10 PM Japan time (five hours from now). You can watch it in full through the live stream below.

Depending on how things go, this post may act as a live blog as well. We’ll see. If that happens, updates will be posted underneath the embedded stream.

– Trailer translation 1: Open number 8. You’re still alive. Are you okay? Don’t push it. You just woke up. You’re the only one to wake up. I’m Elma
– Trailer translation 2: Our journey from Earth was suddenly cut short. We had to make an emergency landing. This is the planet we landed on. It’s still untamed.
– NLA: industrial area, at the entrance; lots of weaponized machinery is made here
– Commercial area: lots of people gather here. Elma likes to go shopping.
– Residential area: where everyone lives
– BLADE area: military’s headquarters. Lots of weapons and equipment can be bought and stored here.
– Blades are the police and military, protecting the city. They’re also used in recon.
– Life is the support system. Some life pods broke off.
– Need to go find life pods scattered across the world to recover survivors.
– Lin will explain the Frontier Net. Your position is shown.
– The shining beam is a Frontier Spot, where you can gather information from data probes. They collect info about the places you set them.
– This probe found a treasure nearby. Each area’s objectives are revealed through the data probes. Find 100% of the objectives!
– As you place probes, the dialogue of NLA residents will be expanded. Quests can be undertaken from NLA residents or directly from BLADE
– If you succeed in your quests, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Be sure to clear them. Relationships between characters expand by interacting.
– Planet Mira is still largely unexplored, and there’s lots of room to explore. Tatsu will continue explaining. There are several continents.
– NLA is on the grassland continent. Next is the Night Light Forest continent. Then, the Forgotten Canyon. They’re all huge. The White Forest.
– Finally, the Black Steel continent. It’s a volcanic area. It’s really huge! Tatsu keeps saying the continents are huge. He can’t help it.
– There are so many locations in each continent that they can’t all be explained. Each has a number of landmarks, secret areas, and vistas.
– Did you think traveling would be a hassle? You can dash, jump, and skip travel to data probes you’ve placed. Navigation Ball helps the lost.
– If you get a Doll (mech), you can travel even faster by transforming into a vehicle or taking to the sky. Find new areas to explore.
– Dolls can’t just be used by anyone, only certified BLADE members. Creatures of Planet Mira. There are many different kinds, big and small.
– It’s best to avoid creatures that are far above your level. Watch out for obards. Creatures with special names require caution.
– Alien species, friendly and hostile, can be interacted with. Our objective is to seek out the Life Points. Sometimes we have to fight.
– Next time, we’ll teach you the skills you’ll need for survival.


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