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Bravely Default producer believes the game has “no need for any more improvements”

Posted on January 15, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Bravely Default hit Japan back in 2012, but Square Enix decided to re-release the game with over 100 improvements. This new version is the same title that’s being made available in North America and Europe.

After greatly changing and enhancing the original game, producer Tomoya Asano believes that there’s “really no need for any more improvements.”

Asano said the following when asked if Bravely Default’s world map would be improved for the sequel:

“In terms of Bravely Default […] we worked specifically on making improvements to it for almost a year after it was released in Japan, so we feel that there is really no need for any more improvements. In my opinion, if there more things you ‘could’ do with the map, for example, it might make some players feel that there were more things they ‘must’ do with it.

“In Bravely Default, we tried to eliminate all elements besides those which we wanted our players to enjoy, to streamline the experience.”

We also have this… unexpected comment from Asano:

“If I were a pretty girl, I would want to dress up as the Valkyrie job type. Unfortunately, I will have to give up on that idea, since I’m a middle-aged man of 35!”


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