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I apologize for the quality of the images, but we’ll definitely update this post when clearer scans or photos become available.

– Releasing July 15th in Japan
– ¥6,090
– The card-scanning application for DSiWare DSiWare card-scanning app also will be released the same day, will cost 200 points

Site here

Thanks to Thomas N for the tip!

– Majesco publishing the game
– Monster World invaded by the Kid Kings, they misuse/abuse the monsters in the world
– Ellie and her beast, Chomp, need to thwart the Kid Kings
– Chomp’s Pet Sanctuary is on the touch screen
– Chomp can evolve after interacting with Ellie’s items she brings from the top screen
– Around 30 transformations for Chomp
– Ellie can collect money which can be used to buy food/items for Chomp
– 5 worlds, each has a pair of Kid Kings and a big monster at the end
– Receive runes that upgrade Ellie’s abilities (ex: dash, wall jump) by defeating bosses
– Launching in December


Thanks to Miles C for the tip!