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Details about Gaist Crusher God’s Monster Hunter 4 collaboration

Posted on July 25, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

A bit of information has now come in about the Monster Hunter 4 collaboration in Gaist Crusher God. You can find all of the new details below.

– The game will have a number of popular monsters from Monster Hunter
– The monsters are getting a “Gaist” twist
– Ex: “Gaimagala,” which looks like a mechanized version of the Gore Magala
– The game will have armor and weapons to match the respective monsters in the game
– Rathalos is in Gaist Crusher God as the ice-based “Alpha Gaireusu”
– Rathalos features a greatsword-looking weapon
– There’s also one for the Silver Rathalos with the “Silver Gaireusu”.
– These Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate collaboration Gaist monsters are said to be quite the tough foes
– Players will need to put together their buddies and forces to take them on
– Once defeated, you can also acquire their Gaist Medals


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