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Gaist Crusher God

A bit of information has now come in about the Monster Hunter 4 collaboration in Gaist Crusher God. You can find all of the new details below.

– The game will have a number of popular monsters from Monster Hunter
– The monsters are getting a “Gaist” twist
– Ex: “Gaimagala,” which looks like a mechanized version of the Gore Magala
– The game will have armor and weapons to match the respective monsters in the game
– Rathalos is in Gaist Crusher God as the ice-based “Alpha Gaireusu”
– Rathalos features a greatsword-looking weapon
– There’s also one for the Silver Rathalos with the “Silver Gaireusu”.
– These Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate collaboration Gaist monsters are said to be quite the tough foes
– Players will need to put together their buddies and forces to take them on
– Once defeated, you can also acquire their Gaist Medals


Some news of a special Monster Hunter 4 crossover surfaced today, with cameos from that title making their way to Gaist Crusher God when it launches on September 4th. Players will be able to do battle with certain Monster Hunter creatures in Capcom’s other upcoming 3DS title when Gaist Crusher God drops in September. You can check out screenshots and images of the collaboration below

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