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Dragon Quest Builders 2 details and screenshots – Unfinished Battle Island story and characters

Posted on November 26, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Square Enix dished out a new wave of Dragon Quest Builders 2 details and screenshots today. The latest batch covers the story and residents of the fourth main island, Unfinished Battle Island. We’ve rounded everything up below, courtesy of Gematsu.


– In order to create weapons and arms, and in search of companions to fight alongside, the protagonist heads to a forbidden island where no one ever approaches
– On this harsh island covered in snow, and endless battle between the people and the Hargon Order continues, with war reaching every end of the island
– Island is Unfinished Battle Island
– The Hargon Order’s army and their strong fortress awaits
– A harsh environment with freezing snow and violent storms
– A gigantic Hargon Order warship is docked at the harbor

Rebuild the Tragically Destroyed Castle and Take on the Hargon Order

– The Kingdom that once proudly stood on this land was tragically destroyed by the hand of the Hargon Order
– The castle was destroyed without a trace, and its inhabitants left the castle to escape the war
– Use the power of building to rebuild the castle and make preparations to battle the Hargon Order
– While rebuilding the castle, the Hargon Order will try to attack one onslaught after the next


– Head soldier and number one swordsman in the kingdom
– Feeling the desire to defeat the Hargon Order after the Builder’s arrival, he rises to overthrow their army


– Well-known general and the top strategist in the kingdom
– Even while fighting the Hargon Order’s army, she does not think she can defeat them

The Hargon Order’s Dreadful Army

– As might be expected from an island where the people and the Hargon Order do violent battle, it is a gathering grounds for formidable enemies
– From shooting fire spells to unleashing sleep-inducing attacks, these enemies boast various actions

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