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Dragon Quest Monsters 2 details cover battle modes and more

Posted on December 2, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Screenshots

Square Enix has shared a new update for Dragon Quest Monsters 2, the upcoming 3DS remake. You can find information pertaining to the game’s battle modes and more below.

– App will be available so that players can transfer monsters from Terry’s Wonderland 3D
– Wi-Fi shop included
– Shop updates with different items each day similar to Dragon Quest IX
– Game has Wi-Fi battles
– Can send monsters out to fight other players by picking away battles or take on other player’s parties at home
– Away mode: upload your monster party data to a server for other players to download
– Don’t actually control your team in this mode
– Home mode: download other player’s away data and fight three parties like regular battles
– Win and points are added to your Wi-Fi ranking
– Points from away battles are added to your score the next day
– Can change rules like allowing monsters to fight with equipment and other options
– Players can also trade items or fight friends directly through wireless play
– Up to 8 can battle in tournament mode


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