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Dragon Quest Monsters 2

Dragon Quest Monsters 2 sold 443,656 copies in its first week on the Japanese market. Media Create says this resulted in a 78.65% sell-through rate.

Despite Dragon Quest Monsters 2’s initial success, it hasn’t quite reached the same heights as the first Dragon Quest Monsters 3DS remake. When Square Enix released the previous DQM title for Nintendo’s portable, it sold 513,183 copies in its first week for a 93.96% sell-through.

Of course, we should maintain some perspective here. At the end of the day, there’s no denying that Dragon Quest Monsters 2 has gotten off to a fast start and Square Enix is likely pleased with its performance.


Details are now available regarding Dragon Quest Monsters 2 post-game bosses. A roundup of information is posted below.

– After beating the game, days go by as the protagonists live in peace with the citizens of Malta
– New enemies eventually emerge
– This is the beginning of a new threat that the land has yet to see
– Find the “Ultimate Key” somewhere in the world to save Malta again
– No one knows where the key is
– Key unlocks the “New World” and the “Legendary Demonlords”
– These monsters will be returning as super G-sized and far more powerful than ever
– Shin Dracolord: said to have lost himself in rage, and his physical abilities have increased tenfold, along with a new set of wings on his back
– Geno Malroth: has even more magic power; tip of his tail seems to have some sort of dragon head on it now
– Zoma: now has his Asura Zoma form, which is supposedly his “serious” form; will be using his weapon on his back to give your party of monsters a hard time


Famitsu has got its hands on new details for Dragon Quest Monsters 2’s Magic Keys. You can find the latest batch of information below.

– Unlock Malta castle’s key shop by clearing the game
– You’ll then be able to access a ton of Magical Keys
– Add your own “words” to the keys
– Depending on the material and word combination used to make the keys, the resulting world you’ll get will differ
– Quests they’ll offer differ as well
– This makes it easier to remember what combinations you can use to make the worlds you want
– Make a key and you’ll then be allowed to check out what kind of quests and monsters will appear int he world it can unlock
– Keys you make can be shared with others through StreetPass
– This is the best way to power up your post-game monsters
– There will be a “little more” to it than new grinding areas


Famitsu has published another wave of details on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 covering “New Life Fusion”. Read on below for the information summary.

– Can access more content after beating the game
– Ex: create SS rank monsters without having to breed generations of monsters
– “New Life Fusion”: instantly obtain a SS ranked monster from any family
– Players also get to switch out any of the monster’s characteristic traits with one from the parents
– Square Enix says the New Life Fusion method won’t be an easy task
– There are various conditions that must be met in order to pull it off.


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