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Final Fantasy Explorers adds new content

Posted on December 25, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Final Fantasy Explorers was updated in Japan yesterday. Square Enix brought out a new job, boss, and more.

In the job department, Blue Mage has been added to Final Fantasy Explorers. It has a “learning” skill to acquire moves from enemies and the “beacon of counter attack” to increase strength. Blue Mages can initially use short swords or staves.

There’s also a great variety of blue magic spells. These include things like goblin punch, where power depends on physical strength (and the move is more powerful if a short sword is equipped). Other spells include fire breath, magnetic storm, leaf cutter, and Aeroga. There are quite a number of additional spells, too.

Gilgamesh is the new boss. He changes weapons (example: with spear he uses mid-range attacks), talks a lot on the chat screen, uses many series of attacks, and powers up during “Gilgamesh change”. If Gilgamesh says “I remembered an urgent business”, it is a sign of an escape attempt. After he escapes, Gilgamesh restores some health and the place where he runs off to is randomized.

That’s not all for new Final Fantasy Explorers content. Costumes based on Final Fantasy X characters are out now. There are also two new quests: “Grand meeting! Bomu island” and “Demon Busters”.

Here’s the breakdown of pricing:

Blue Mage – free
Gilgamesh – 400 yen
Final Fantasy X costumes – 150 yen each
New quests – free

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