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Fire Emblem Heroes broadcast – full presentation and details – version 1.6, anniversary celebration, more

Posted on July 27, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News, Videos

Nintendo just wrapped up a new “Feh Challen” broadcast for Fire Emblem Heroes. The latest information about the mobile game was delivered, including details on version 1.6, a six-month anniversary celebration, and more.

Here’s the broadcast in case you missed it:

And a summary of what was shared:

Bound Hero Battle

– Cecilia and Lilina
– They’ll send spells flying across the battlefield
– The two characters wait at the top of the map
– Units around them have tricks for you to deal with
– Earn orbs when you beat the map
– Begins August 7

Grand Hero Battle

– Valter is the next Grand Hero Battle
– Equipped with Cursed Lance
– That skill is exclusive to this unit
– Challenge him in late August

Tempest Trials

– Theme is Fire Emblem Echoes
– Can skill earn rewards by wracking up a high score
– Begins August 11

Tempest Trials: new features and changes

– Continuous Auto: auto battle option for multi-map battles
– Enable this in the options
– Auto battle will continue across multiple maps
– Continues until you beat all the maps
– New team management system: create up to 10 reserve teams
– New normal difficulty battles coming to Tempest Trials
– Tempest Trials getting new scoring system; get triple the points first time you head into battle
– Stat boost for bonus allies; earn double EXP and SP

Arena Assault – 1.6 update

– New arena mode
– After you clear a map, go straight into the next battle
– Called Arena Assault
– Compete to earn a high score
– Intended for experienced players
– Need to use a different team for each map
– Allies can only be used one time each
– Special items for Arena Assault
– Ex: restore the HP of all allies; another damages all enemies
– Take up to three items with you
– Stamina and Dueling Swords aren’t necessary
– Rewards for each season, based on rank
– Sacred Coins: new rewards based on your rank in Arena Assault
– Will reveal what these coins due later
– Arena Assault opens August 8

More version 1.6 details

– Catalogue of heroes
– See all heroes you’ve met so far
– If you fought a hero, will show up as a silhouette
– If you obtain a hero, view their profile, replay summoning sequence, listen to their voice as much as you want
– Tap mini characters to see their battle animations
– Max Hero Merit limit raised – 2,000 -> 3,000 and more

Nohrian Summer

– Xander, Leo, Corrin, Elise
– Not using their usual weapons
– Starts July 28 at midnight Pacific

Voting Gauntlet

– Battle at the beach Voting Gauntlet
– Begins midnight Pacific on August 1

Six-month anniversary celebration

– Many special events planned
– Six-month anniversary log-in bonus
– Visit the home screen during the event to get 2 orbs
– Log in 10 times during the event to get more orbs
– Will be offered between August 7 and August 22, then August 22 to September 11
– Earn up to 40 orbs
– Quests and special maps
– Daily Training Tower quests
– Extra Sacred Seals quests
– Turn Limit Special Maps
– Daily Special Maps
– Starter Support: Hero Fest – focus rate starts at 5%; starts August 10
– Starter Support: Log-in bonus – earn a maximum of 60 orbs
– Appearance rate starting August 7 for 3 and 4 star heroes will be swapped
– 3 stars at 36%
– 4 stars at 58%
– Free first summon; won’t have to use a single orb for your first summon

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