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Image & Form announcing the next SteamWorld game soon, working on other projects as well

Posted on August 25, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Image & Form will soon be announcing the next entry in the “SteamWorld” series.

In an interview with Prankster101 Productions, lead programmer Olle Hakannson mentioned that a reveal should be taking place in “maybe a month” or so. The discussion took place at GDC Europe, so the announcement should only be a few weeks away.

It’s also worth mentioning that Hakannson teased other projects from Image & Form as well. The studio is planning “at least one game for every platform, like a specific game for each platform.”

Check out some excerpts from the interview below. You’ll also find the full talk here.

What other projects do you have in mind after SteamWorld Dig?
We have a new game in the series coming up.

A sequel to SteamWorld Dig?
It’s not a sequel. It’s not called “Dig”, but it’s a SteamWorld game. I think we’re about maybe a month or something from announcing it. I’m not sure exactly of the date.

What platforms?
We are currently actually here in GDC and Gamescom and [trying to] determine the details on which platforms comes first and so on. So it’s not finalized yet. Our goal is to release it on all the platforms we released SteamWorld Dig on, and a few more.

What advantages do you think, because I know some developers are “platform agnostic”, they just like to have the game on every single platform. But then you get developers/publishers out there, where they’re very loyal to a specific platform. It used to be the case with SquareSoft and Nintendo, and I guess it’s still Squaresoft (Square Enix) now with Sony to an extent. What advantages do you think releasing a game on multiple platforms has for you as opposed to being loyal completely to a specific developer/publisher? Well, maybe not so much in that but just a hardware vendor?
Actually, I think the biggest… It’s basically about increasing your potential market like Free Fall or even more if you release a multi-platform so that’s always a no-brainer to release it on as many platforms as possible if there’s no other thing in effect so-to-speak. What usually happens with these games that are released on one platform, I’m almost 100% sure they have a deal with the platform holder.

Speaking of which, has Nintendo ever come to you with regards to a deal to maybe retain some sort of platform exclusivity for any of your SteamWorld Dig game or SteamWorld games in general?
Yeah, we’re talking with all the platform holders including Nintendo about things like this.

What other kind of games do you have in the pipeline apart from SteamWorld?
Uh, let’s see. We have a lot of games actually aside from the SteamWorld series. We kind of like making the SteamWorld [games] because we can expand that universe, but I think we have at least one game for every platform, like a specific game for each platform. Then we have some things for more platforms and so on. We have plenty of good ideas, I think they’re good.

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