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Kirby Copy Ability Poll – results announced, Mirror to be added to Battle Royale, round 2 next week

Posted on November 7, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Nintendo has announced the results of the Kirby Copy Ability Poll. After tabulating all of the votes around the world, the winning ability was none other than Mirror.

Below are the full results by region:

North America

1. Mirror
2. Yo-Yo
3. UFO
4. Animal
5. ESP


1. Sword
2. Mirror
3. UFO
4. Sleep
5. Ghost


1. Sleep
2. Yo-Yo
3. Plasma
4. Mirror
5. UFO

Mirror is planned to be added to Kirby Battle Royale next month (though the game doesn’t come out in North America until January). A free 3DS theme is also on the way. You can download a theme for your PC / mobile device right now here.

Nintendo isn’t done with the Kirby Copy Ability Poll. Starting on November 14, round 2 begins. Fans can vote on another Copy Ability to be added to Kirby Battle Royale.


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