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[Let’s Talk] November 2023 Indie World Showcase reactions

Posted on November 18, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk

Another Indie World Showcase took place this week, marking what should be Nintendo’s final notable presentation of 2023. It contained the usual slew of indie titles for Switch with some new announcements, shadowdrops, and smaller updates.

The event opened up with Shantae: Risky Revolution, which we previously knew about, but was officially confirmed for Switch. We also finally got an update on Outer Wilds, which heads to the console next month. On Your Tail, Blade Chimera, Core Keeper, and Planet of Lana were some of the other notable titles. Backpack Hero, Howl, Enjoy the Diner, and Passpartout 2 all hit the eShop that day. The full recap can be found here.

What’d you think of this week’s Indie World Showcase? What was your personal highlight? Let us know in the comments.

Highlights from last week’s topic: The Legend of Zelda movie hopes and dreams

Stephen Yap

My hopes for the movie are these:

1) Nintendo themselves having the bigger and better control on this movie’s direction and quality, all while Sony Pictures Entertainment stays true to their word on being an assistant in financing and nothing else.

2) Have the entire movie stay as close to the franchise’s source material as possible (and regarding Link…maybe have him only “speak” for 20% of the movie at most, but no more than that). Use that “April Fool’s trailer” from 2008 by Balcomb and IGN as “inspiration”, if need be.

3) Make only “mild” callbacks to the franchise’s history without making any of them come off as half-hearted, let alone sacrifice any part of prominent plot elements. Look, I liked the 2023 The Super Mario Bros Movie myself (especially as a huge Mario fan), but one of my gripes with the movie is that it got way too happy with the callbacks to the point that it also came at the cost of the plot’s quality.

…other that those, I have some faith that Nintendo and Arad Productions will deliver a decent film for The Legend of Zelda at the least, and one would have to be blinded by pessimism to even compare it to the 1993 Super Mario Bros film.

Locky Mavo

I hope it goes the same way as the Super Mario Movie and proves the naysayers wrong and ends up being a smash hit with its audience and fans, rather than the critics.

On that, while there are many ways they could portray a lot of characters in TLoZ, Zelda being a major one, I hope they don’t mix Hollywood’s/the Oscar’s nonsense into the movie.
Rather, they simply stick close to the source material.

Actor-wise, I hope it is more like the live-action One Piece series, that they get people who are right for the roles, be they well known or new on the scene.

But I’ve got confidence movie will be good if solely the fact that Nintendo and Miyamoto will be involved. I’m looking to finding out more details.


I can’t really say I’m too thrilled about it being live-action myself. Certainly doesn’t help the line-up for producer, director, and the supposed writer don’t fill me with much confidence, but I’m not gonna hope the movie sucks for the sake of proving the point that it should’ve been animated. I just prefer to lean on the side of pessimism when it comes to Hollywood and most movies as they have proven plenty of times completely botch the easiest ideas. The Mario movie turned out okay if only because Nintendo and Miyamoto were there to tard-wrangle the dumber propositions and ideas, but I still have my issues with that movie too. Like I’m not putting anyone down with hopes for the movie or looking forward to it, but given current info is it really wrong to be cautious about it?


It should have been animated. But since it’s going to be live action, they should absolutely NOT make it like a Marvel movie. Neither do I want it to be a dark fantasy film. Rather, I want to see a colorful, light hearted family friendly movie; maybe with kids playing Link and Zelda. Sure, it can have still have scary moments and what not. One reason why The Super Mario Bros. Movie was such a success, was because it was a movie for all ages.

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