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[Let’s Talk] What’s your favorite amiibo?

Posted on February 17, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk

With the Sora amiibo releasing yesterday, that wraps up all of the figures for Super Smash Bros. That line alone offers nearly 100 different products. There are also many other IPs and dedicated franchise with amiibo including Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, and more.

Aside from how many amiibo are out there, something that may surprise you is that it’s turning ten years old this year. It’ll be a decade of the figures as of November.

Since we’re coming up on a big milestone here, we wanted to take a moment to talk about amiibo. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to share any other thoughts you have about amiibo as well.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Predict the Switch 2 launch date and price

6 days ago
I have a lot of feelings about the launch of the Switch 2.
If I had to nail down a Release Date, maybe September 20th. Priced at about $399.99.

In terms of what its launching with.
Paper Mario TTYD will be the BotW for the Switch 2, in that it will release both on the current Switch we have now and the Switch 2.

That’s all I got for my predictions at the moment.


I think the Switch 2 will launch in September 2024 and will cost $400. I also think there’s a possibility that it’ll launch with 2 different models.


Launch date: November
Price: $400 (for the cheapest SKU if there are 2 or more SKUs at launch)

Locky Mavo

Rumour has it for a March announcement for Nintendo’s new hardware and considering there’s not all that much 1st party games announced for the Switch this year, we’ll see what they got to show in the direct, I think it’ll launch late this year, early next year.

Price wise, Nintendo is always looking for affordability with profitability, and if rumours are true that it is a “Switch 2”, I think at max it’ll be $450USD


March 2025 and 400 US dollars is my guess.


The reveal event will be announced during the next investor’s meeting. Scheduled for May/June.
Launch will be Sep 20th, worldwide. One SKU at $399. LCD screen. 128GB internal storage. Fully Switch backwards compatible.
Games for 2024 include a 3D platformer, Mario Kart X (read Cross because of the crossover of other Nintendo franchises), and a new franchise from Monolith Soft. Some games will be exclusive and some, like Prime 4, will be cross gen (but to a much lesser extent than the other consoles have done. Focus will be on moving the Switch audience to its successor.

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