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[Let’s Talk] Your final 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases

Posted on March 25, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, Let's Talk, Wii U eShop

The big day of the 3DS and Wii U eShop closure is almost upon us, with Nintendo turning off purchases on March 27. Some owners of the two systems have been rushing to make some last-minute purchases. Many retailers are no longer carrying 3DS and Wii U games, and both platforms have their lineup of digital exclusives.

Have you been making any last-minute purchases on either system? Let us know in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: What are you playing? – March 2023


Recently I had a lot of time to play videogames. I can’t remembre the last time I played this much, which felt kind of nostalgic. Unfortunately, my free time came to an end last week…

I finally completed Fire Emblem Echoes.
I want to love this game, I REALLY do, but… there is a limit on how many 88% hits I can miss and how many 33% hits I can receive before I go crazy. I didn’t enjoy the story and I’m not fond of Alm. He’s probably my least favorite Lord in the series, and while I preferred Celica at the beginning, I stopped caring once she talked with the villain.

Mario + Rabbids.
Bought the game a few years ago and decided to finally play it. It was really good. Some puzzles were annoying, so I would have preferred if they weren’t there, but walking trough a mix of Rabbids and the mushroom kingdom was really fun. I was having a blast with pretty much every single level.
I started the DK expansion, but I had to upgrade my skill tree again, so I decided to leave it for another time.

Dusk Diver.
It felt a bit rough at the beginning, but once I got used to it it was a fun game. You are in a Taiwan city and have to fight some monsters in an alternate dimension. Is one of those games were a bit more of budget could have made a big difference. Still an enjoyable game.

Dragon Quest.
I’ve only ever played DQ 7 and 11, but I have always wanted to play the whole franchise. The thing is that every game from before the SNES has always been though for me. This one was no exception and I died almost instantly lol. Once I understood how the game works it became something I really enjoyed. Things like talking to NPCs and figuring out what I’m supposed to do is fun and makes me feel like a real adventurer.

Assassin’s Creed IV.
I’m currently playing this one. Still on the Habana while I get used to the gameplay and the many things on the screen/menus, but liking it thus far. Will probably be the last game I play until TotK.


I’ve been doing a Metroid 1-5 run on Switch. Already got 1-4 completed and have started Dread. If/when Prime 2 and 3 release on Switch I’ll pick those up also and a complete Metroid run including those games as well.

Locky Mavo

I finished an 80% run of Metroid Prime Remastered and plan to go back an do a hard mode 100%.
But just as I was finally getting onto Nier: Automata and Bayonetta 3, I’ve now been caught up in Little Witch Nobeta on Switch, such a charming game, with a little Atomic Hearts on PC on the side.
I am hoping Remnant: From the Ashes ends up being a decent port, I’m sure I’ll get caught up in that game again, once it’s out.


Been playing Burnout Paradise Remastered, a friend got me a physical copy very cheap. Fun game, just find the radio guy extremelly annoying.

Replaying Bayonetta 1, still hate the motorcycle/space harrier stages.

Played the Bayonetta Origins demo, pretty fun game.

Stephen Yap

I just (fully) 100%ed Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe a few days ago. Great remake, despite it not wowing me as much as the other Switch Kirby games Kirby Star Allies and Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I occasionally sneak in a few Checkerboard Chase matches and a few Magolor’s Epilogue stages, but that’s pretty much it for me

I’m back to playing Little Noah: Scion of Paradise and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Shmuel McConen

Been finding myself replaying a lot of GBA games using NSO Expansion Pack. I what the GBA did with its color palette is truly wonderful. Also, Metroid Fusion is A tier Metroid game. So much fun.

Octopath Traveler 2 is also a great game, and even though I thought that it might lost its charm, I found myself falling in love with it, mainly because of the amazing OST. Seriously: Yasunori Nishiki took perfection and said: “You know what? That wasn’t good enough”, and raised the bar again.

And in the spirit of “games that I want to see on the Switch”: Just play Pizza Tower everyone. I am one of the few Metacritic reviews on their page there, and trust me when I say that this is by far the best Wario Land-like game out there. Play it.

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