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Lots of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 screenshots and details covering G7 and more

Posted on June 18, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Inti Creates shared a bunch of new Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 screenshots and details earlier in the week. This time around, we have big updates on the group G7, and a ton of specifics about two of their members.

First, the screenshots:

And now for the details:

The Grimoired Seven (more widely known as G7) is a group of seven people with abilities who have extraordinary 7th Waves even among Eden, and possess Fairy Tales. Eden doesn’t have a clear hierarchical positioning, but commands are often given to the G7, and they are yearned by other members of Eden.

Eden is a multinational union of ability people who have the 7th Wave. Their numbers are fewer than ordinary people, but they have enormous power. Most of the members used to be oppressed by ordinary people. They aim for the establishment of an ideal state for only ability people, advocating that “The ability people is the new mankind to build a new era, and the old mankind which don’t have 7th Wave must be exterminated”.

Fairy Tale is a material in the form of a book that’s used by G7 to transform. Based on the data of a treasured sword usurped from the Sumeragi to the Secret Society, Eden completed it by inserting the power from Cyber Diva. Unlike the Treasured Sword which had a device to limit ability factors, Fairy Tale is made only to purely strengthen ability people, so the G7 can use their abilities without even having to transform, and when they do transform, their powers exceed even those of Sumeragi-level ability people.

Two of the G7 are introduced here along with their missions:

1. Theseo, the Cyberbrain King on the Boundary Line (VA: Tomonori Ishihara)

He has the ability World Hack which can convert physical things to digital data, and vice versa. He used to share content on a foreign video posting website, however it ended up closing, and that’s when he became charmed by Eden’s transmission equipment and joined the union.

He uses a lot of net slang, and when he speaks he often makes people irritated. However, he doesn’t have any evil intentions.

Theseo’s moves:

– EM Transfer: Theseo’s 7th Wave actualizes various enemies and bombs. The dangerous one is Curse Script which will drain GV’s health over time.
– Bug Death Laser: Shoots torrent of enormous data like a laser. The important point here is to see through platforms made by Theseo.
– Code Matrix: Shoots missiles that produce spinning wheel bits.
– Grid Raid: A special warp attack that switches positions of the player and Theseo.
– Circuit Rain: A downpour of aggressive data from the spinning wheel bits.
– Impregnable Fortress: Waves of attacks where Theseo duplicates all attack patterns that he has, from lasers to bombs. Will there be a way out of this move which lives up to its name?

Theseo’s stage: Cyber

The data facility managed by Sumeragi turned into a cyberspace due to Eden’s assault. We can’t allow more of Sumeragi’s data to be handed over to Eden. GV enters the cyber labyrinth together with Joule.
The objective facility is Data Facility.

2. Gauli, the Contemporary Dancer with Crystal Shoes (VA: Chiharu Sawashiro)

He has the ability Prism which lets him produce crystals at will. He was a former street dancer who becomes a mood maker in Eden. His speeches have a groove feel, and always follow a rhythm. When the road is coated with crystal, he can slide like skating. He currently researches day and night on whether he can incorporate his original dance to his own 7th Wave.

Gauli’s moves

– Tornado Bomb: A spin jump which launches multiple crystal spheres. The spheres can be destroyed by the player’s attacks.
– Prism Shoot: Gauli kicks a small-sized prism. The prism will follow the player and obstruct player’s attacks by refracting their laser.
– Prism Strike: Gauli produces a large-sized prism and kicks it which goes straight.
– Prism Break: Gauli produces an extra large-sized prism and kicks it to make it shatter. It will be very difficult to avoid the prism fragments.
– Prism Prisma Prison: Gauli’s special skill. He brings down prism pillars to lock up the player. The pillars refract surrounding lights, pouring in lasers with trajectory that are hard to predict.

Gauli’s stage: Prism

A swarm of crystals suddenly appeared on a highway in midnight, splitting it into pieces. It was all done by Gauli, who has the 7th Wave ability Prism. He’s skating all around the ruined highway. This stage is a chase scene for Copen where he stands on the sidecar of the bike driven by Nori.

Also introduced is a mysterious girl who induces the story. She will be voiced by Kaori Nazuka.

This mysterious girl appears in front of both Gunvolt and Copen. She looks like a child, but she speaks with a very orderly tone that doesn’t suit her age looks. She seems to have a 7th Wave ability, but that is unknown. Her objectives are also unclear.

Finally, there will be a second Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 live stream which will be held on June 24. You can watch it here at the following times:

– 5 AM PT
– 8 PM ET
– 1 PM in the UK
– 2 PM in Europe

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