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Minecraft Dungeons update out now (version, patch notes

Posted on October 14, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Minecraft Dungeons update

Mojang Studios has issued a new update for Minecraft Dungeons. The main highlight is adding support for the Spookier Fall 2021 event, but also includes changes and fixes.

Below are the full patch notes for the Minecraft Dungeons update:

Spookier Fall Event:

The Spookier Fall event descends on Minecraft Dungeons to haunt your holiday with (mis)adventure. Complete Seasonal Trials to earn unique and seasonal-exclusive items such as the Cackling Broom, the Phantom Bow, and the Soul Jack-O-Lantern armor set.

The event spans from October 13 (5am PDT / 12pm GMT) to November 2 (5am PDT / 12pm GMT). Spookier Fall awaits!

NOTE: To gain progress towards rewards, you must have updated to version and be connected to the internet while completing Seasonal Trials.


Pause Game

  • The game can now be paused in local game sessions when the pause menu or inventory are opened

Connectivity Status

  • Added a Connectivity Status section to the in-game pause menu to show if the game is connected to the internet and game services. A status icon is also now present in the lower right corner of the HUD


  • Made some nice layout changes to the Cosmetics tab in the Inventory



  • Fixed players taking fall damage when rolling through doors (MCD-45)
  • Collecting only Mystery Banners will now still reward players with a ‘Raid Captain Bounty’ chest (MCD-6550)
  • Fixed the Gone Fishin’ achievement so that Elder Guardians and Drowned Necromancers no longer have to reeled in with the Fishing Rod to unlock the achievement (MCD-6366)
  • Fixed the Dress for Success achievement not unlocking when wearing one of the unique Emerald Armors (MCD-6444)
  • Fixed Torment Quiver dealing absurd amounts of damage when stacked with Dynamo (MCD-4649)
  • The Hero Cape’s design once again appears correctly (MCD-1813)
  • Fixed players being unable to equip the Anniversary Cape during local co-op (MCD-6022, MCD-6084)
  • All local co-op players now share the first player’s cosmetics while logged in on the same device
  • Increased Twisting Vine Bow spore radius from 100 to 200, fixing Poison Trail not affecting some mobs
  • Fixed online players falling into the water and not getting stuck in an ice block as intended on Frozen Fjord

Mobs & Bosses

  • Fixed Key Golems sometimes spawning underground or falling through the ground (MCD-1729, MCD-6321)
  • Fixed Frozen Zombie’s melee attack animation being desynced from the time it deals damage (MCD-6085)
  • Fixed the Tempest Golem’s attacks having no effect on the player (MCD-6166)
  • Fixed flickering issues with large Magma Cubes (MCD-6576)
  • Fixed Ancient Mobs dropping non-gilded unique items when using Luck of the Sea enchantment (MCD-6330)
  • Reduced Shulker levitation stun duration to prevent players getting stuck on top of mobs (MCD-6337)
  • Hoglins no longer ignore combat pets and Wild Rage enchantment (MCD-5772)
  • Mobs with Stunning can no longer permanently stun players (MCD-6228)
  • Fixed pets summoned from artifacts not properly following players into sub-dungeons (MCD-6489)
  • Increased the target dummy’s health to accommodate weapons dealing more damage than their health (MCD-6431)
  • The final boss of Echoing Void now has a chance for void projects to split into three upon detonation
  • Fixed auras still appearing after enchanted mobs are defeated
  • The boss on the final mission of Echoing Void no longer spawns Endermites and mines outside of the arena
  • Levitation is no longer applied to Leapleaf, Squall Golem, Rampart Captain, and Ravager, to correct pathfinding issues
  • Fixed some of the Daily Trials modifiers having no effect on melee mobs
  • Poison Cloud enchantment no longer causes mobs to be thrown with excessive force
  • Trial rules for mob enchanting no longer affect pets summoned by artifacts


  • Fixed players in local co-op getting stuck in a doorway in the Endersent area of Cacti Canyon
  • Fixed a missing supply chest on Pumpkin Pastures
  • Fixed an invisible collision that was blocking arrows in the Endersent area of Soggy Swamp
  • Fixed several issues with the puzzle in the Endersent area of Soggy Swamp when playing online multiplayer
  • Fixed a couple of areas that blocked the player’s view on Broken Citadel
  • Fixed some doors in Stronghold being open for players without the Eyes of Ender

Graphics & Audio

  • Fixed music stuttering on the mission select screen when pressing the cursor on the edge of the map (MCD-5807)
  • Fixed graphical corruption that occurred on Desert Temple when playing on Xbox Series S (MCD-6254)
  • Fixed flickering textures on some of the coral in Coral Rise
  • Added missing voiceovers in Traditional Chinese for intro and outro cinematics of several DLC missions
  • Increased the volume of the Dingy Jungle intro cinematic for Simplified Chinese


  • Fixed the screen reader not reading the correct mission modifiers
  • Fixed an issue that caused the screen reader not reading inventory items in local sessions
  • Fixed the screen reader not properly reading options in Advanced Graphics settings
  • Fixed the screen reader referring to the wrong button for gifting items to other players

User Interface

  • The Endermite now has a proper description in the Cosmetics tab, though its previous and amazing description will be missed! (MCD-6343)
  • Pressing “View Next” on the mission select screen now lists Flames of the Nether and Echoing Void missions in the proper order (MCD-6393)
  • Fixed the boss health bar missing for players that join mid-game on Broken Citadel
  • Fixed players not able to navigate through the mission select screens after pressing ‘Backspace’
  • The “Hero Settings” button on the main menu is now properly aligned in all languages when playing local co-op

All Switch players can access the Minecraft Dungeons update now.


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