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Minecraft: New 3DS Edition patch notes (version 1.3.12)

Posted on February 3, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, News

Minecraft: New 3DS Edition was updated earlier in the week. Currently, the game sits at version 1.3.12.

Mojang was a bit vague about what’s included in the update, but we now have a better idea about the additions and improvements thanks to some patch notes. You can read them in full below.

(Equates to Pocket Edition Alpha 0.16.2)

  • Added features
    • Ocean monuments
    • Prismarine
    • Wet Sponge
    • Sea Lanterns
    • Beacons
    • Prismarine Shards, Crystals and Nether Star
    • Arrow, Potion, Splash Potion of Decay
    • The Wither
    • Guardian
    • Elder Guardian
  • Additional Achievements added
    • Local Brewery
    • Repopulation
    • Pork Chop
    • Have a Shearful Day
    • Renewable Energy
    • Body Guard
    • Zombie Doctor
    • Lion Tamer
    • Saddle Up
    • Beaconator
    • Overpowered
    • The Beginning?
    • The Beginning.
    • Free Diver
    • Rabbit Season
    • The Deep End
    • Dry Spell
    • Super Fuel
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Improved visibility in caves
  • Improved view distance in the Nether
  • Numerous bug fixes from previous builds


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