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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate August DLC out today

Posted on August 7, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

It’s the first Friday of a new month, which means that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is getting new DLC today. Players can get their hands on the following content:

10 New quests;
4 New Challenge Quests;
1 Bonus Palico: Purple Pal;
1 Guild Card background;
7 Guild Card titles;

Here’s the official trailer:

To nab Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s latest DLC, follow these steps:

– Connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Internet
– Load your copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
– Go to the “DLC” menu
– Download the various items
– Quests will be saved under “Event Quests” (with the Questatrix)
– “Challenge Quests” (with the Arena Bambina) will be saved in the Gathering Hall
– G-Rank quests and G-Rank Challenge Quests can be found in the Elder Hall and Assembly respectively
– For the Episode Quests make sure to talk to your Housekeeper and read their directions since some quests will show up at the Gathering Hall while other will come up at the Elder Hall


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