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Monster Hunter Generations free DLC for September is now available

Posted on September 2, 2016 by in News

It’s the first Friday of the month, which means a new round of free DLC for Monster Hunter Generations. To download the content, you’ll have to choose the Download option from the game’s main menu, and then talk to the appropriate NPCs. Items for September include Star Fox, Strider Hiryu, pirate themed, and Legend of Zelda outfits, as well as items, Palicoes, and guild cards based on Phoenix Wright. You can check the whole list out after the break, including some artwork of the content.

Regular Quests
Quest: (HIGH) Star Fox: Battle at Arctic Ridge
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Blangonga
– F Blaster, F Fox Set

Quest: (HIGH) Strider: Frozen Mission
Objective: Hunt a Savage Deviljho
– Hiryu Set
– Light Sword Cypher

Quest: (HIGH) Jump: Boiling Magma
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Lavasioth
– Pirate Set J
– Buccaneer Set J
– Pirate Gunlance J
– Captain Blade J
– Pirate Sword J
– Pirate Edges J
– Pirate Axe J
– Legendary Anchor J
– Conviction Glaive J
– Pirate Cannon J

Quest: (HIGH) The Three Virtues
Objective: Hunt a Gammoth, a Malfestio and a Brachydios
– Hero’s Set
– Hero’s Sword
– Hero’s Bow

Quest: (HIGH) Frost and Fire at USJ
Objective: Hunt a Gammoth and a Glavenus
– Star Knight Set
– Star Knight Sword
– Twin Star Blades
– F Magical Set

Quest: (HIGH) Uniqlo Shock Fest
Objective: Hunt 2 Astalos
– Dynaqlo Set

Quest: (HIGH) Ushio & Tora: White Mizutsune
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Mizutsune
– Ushio’s Hair
– Spear of the Beast

Quest: (HIGH) Crows: The Black Crows
Objective: Hunt 2 Yian Garuga
– Booyah Set
– Biker Jacket
– F Booyah Set

Quest: (HIGH) The Obvious Choice…
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Daimyo Hermitaur

Quest: (HIGH) Overcome with Awe
Objective: Hunt an Agnaktor, a Najarala and a Lagiacrus

Quest: (HIGH) No Party Poopers!
Objective: Hunt a Kecha Wacha, a Blangonga and a Rajang

Prowler Quests
Quest: (LOW) Jump: Crimson Strongmen
Objective: Hunt an Iodrome and a Volvidon
F Treasure Set
F Booty Set
F Pirate Set
F Buccaneer Set
F Legendary Set
F King Set
F Greedy Set
F Avaricious Set

Arena Challenges

Quest: Event: Slay a Tigrex
Objective: Slay a Tigrex

Quest: Event: Slay an Arzuros
Objective: (Prowler) Slay an Arzuros

Quest: Event: Slay a Lagombi
Objective: (Prowler) Slay a Lagombi

25x Guild Card Titles
1x Guild Card Pose
7x Guild Card Backgrounds

Special Palicoes

Items: Support Pack 2

99x Honey
15x Mega Pickaxe
15x Mega Bug Net
15x Mega Fishing Fly
20x Flash Bomb
20x Sonic Bomb
20x Farcaster
30x Scatterfish
30x Barrel Bomb L
30x Hard Armor Sphere

The next round of DLC will arrive on October 7th.


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