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New Bravely Second details – Chariot job and more

Posted on March 25, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Famitsu has a big update on Bravely Second this week. Among other things, the magazine provides first information about the Chariot job.

The Chariot job is described as a physical attacker who can use all types of weapons. Their abilities include “Fighting Race”, which raises the aptitude for equipped weapon for regular attacks. There’s also “Three-sword School”. This allows them to wield three weapons temporarily.

Ku Fulin is the Chariot asterisk holder. It’s rare for the world of Bravely Second, but Ku is half human and half horse. He is skilled with the many weapons he carries on his back and he never runs out of fighting spirit, so he is feared as the “devastating chariot”. Ku swears loyalty to the Wizard Ayame. As is suitable for a being with a monstrous body, Ku is shrouded in many mysteries.

Famitsu also shares more on the Wizard job, which uses spirit magic and mainly group hitting attacks. A characteristic ability “modification phrase” changes the element of magic to physical attack and widens the attack range to all targets.

Ayame is the Wizard asterisk holder. She is a member of the Glanz Empire, wears a black costume, and is called “black vestal”. Ayame attacks Yu and the party with her spirit magic and with the aid of Ku. You can see a glimpse of a personal grudge for Yu in her eyes under the hood.

Other information about Bravely Second concerns the Kapu Kapu Maker, a plush-making mini-game. Players earn an original currency, “Kapu” by partaking in it. Althoug exclusive tools can be purchased with Kapu, it can also be exchanged for pq (money). Bonuses are obtained when selling plushies if the shipment contains specific types of plushies or if sell a full capacity. If the shipment meets specific value criteria, you unlock music tracks which can be freely listened to.

Kapu Kapu Maker has players distributing the roles for four party members and creating lots of plushies in a production line. If a gauge is filled by making plushies, you can activate “refreshments” to boost determination and production effectiveness.

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