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New Lost in Random details

Posted on July 19, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

One of the highlights from EA Play Live was the reveal of Lost in Random. The new game, made by Stick it to the Man, Flipping Death, and FE, was announced for Switch and other platforms.

As neat as the debut trailer was, it didn’t paint the best picture of what Lost in Random actually is, and some fans may have the wrong impression regarding what the game will be like. Directors Klaus Lyngeled and Olov Redmalm have since shared a bunch of new information with IGN that should start filling in the blanks.

Here’s a roundup of the latest details:

– “Light RPG” with action-based and tactical combat
– Has a board game twist that hasn’t been explained yet
– Not a puzzle-platformer
– Written by Dinosaur Comics creator (and long-time Zoink! collaborator) Ryan North
– Set in a world where every 12 year-old must roll a magical die
– They are then assigned a region to live in and a life to live based on their results of their throw
– After the heroine, Even sees her sister Odd placed in a new region, she breaks the rules by setting off to look for her
– She discovers her own personal magical die, Dicey, that allows her to fight back against the regime set by the (as yet unspecified) dark forces in charge
– That adventure takes her through the world’s six kingdoms
– Each one themed after their side of a die
– In Two Town, “everyone has two personalities, and they swap every day when this evil force rolls the dark dice
– Three Town features “three triplets waging a civil war against each other over a family dispute”
– Each area has a “really different” setting for the game’s cartoon-gothic look
– Visuals inspired by A Nightmare Before Christmas, Over the Garden Wall, and Grimms’ Fairytales
– Can go around and talk to characters
– There are dialogue trees
– Everything is fully voiced
– Find quests, and figure out what’s going on
– Battles are “a mix between full-on action and then a bit of tactics”
– “It’s a very fluid dance between action and tactics”
– “It’s an action-adventure with a twist”
– Trailers indicate we’ll be wielding multiple weapon types
– The section of the trailer that shows the world around Even being paused is a hint about what’s to come
– Dicey factors into that action in some regard
– There will be sections where you control him directly, but Dicey’s main function seems to be in giving Even her powers as she fights
– “Rolling Dicey enables you to become this superhero – he’s like this crazy jack-in-the-box of powers that he gives you”
– Those powers are subject to your rolls – you might get lucky in a situation, or you might not
– Dev says even when you fail to get what you want, it should feel thrilling
– There’s another random element to the gameplay that the directors won’t talk about yet
– “Board games are built into the world itself, and you sort of get stuck in them”
– “Part of it is of course using some of the mechanics that Dicey can do – you know, running while throwing the dice”
– There’s a lot more that hasn’t been shown yet
– Dev says there are “quite unique” gameplay mechanics

Lost in Random launches on Switch in 2021. 


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