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Lost in Random

Lost in Random trailer

EA and Zoink have prepared a new launch trailer for Lost in Random, their new gothic fairy-tale inspired action adventure game. It just launched on Switch today.

For more on Lost in Random, check out the following overview:

Lost in Random gameplay

We finally have gameplay of the Switch version of Lost in Random with the title releasing today. EA and Zoink just put the action adventure game on the eShop.

Here’s more on Lost in Random thanks to the official overview:

Lost in Random

EA and Zoink have set a final release date for Lost in Random. The gothic fairytale-inspired action-adventure game will launch for Switch on September 10, the two sides confirmed today.

Here’s an overview from EA:

Lost in Random

After it was announced last year, EA and Zoink have debuted a brand new story trailer for Lost in Random, an upcoming a gothic fairytale action-​adventure title.

Here’s an introduction to the game:

One of the highlights from EA Play Live was the reveal of Lost in Random. The new game, made by Stick it to the Man, Flipping Death, and FE, was announced for Switch and other platforms.

As neat as the debut trailer was, it didn’t paint the best picture of what Lost in Random actually is, and some fans may have the wrong impression regarding what the game will be like. Directors Klaus Lyngeled and Olov Redmalm have since shared a bunch of new information with IGN that should start filling in the blanks.

Here’s a roundup of the latest details:

Lost in Random

EA and Zoink today announced Lost in Random, a gothic fairytale action-adventure title. A release is scheduled for 2021.

“As another new IP set in a twisted dystopia where uncertainty and chaos are feared, the game follows Even, a courageous young girl, and her living dice companion, Dicey,” EA says of the new game. “Together, the two embark on a perilous journey where they must learn to embrace the unknown and play the hand they’ve been dealt, in a bid to break the curse of Random. ”

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