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New Monster Hunter X details cover monsters, Palicoes

Posted on July 8, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

New details about Monster Hunter X are revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu. For the latest information, check out the summary below.

– Dinobaruto is one of Monster Hunter X’s four main monsters
– Dinobaruto uses its giant powerful tail as a great sword to slash up its enemies
– It also has explosive fire attributes to its tail
– Main monsters from past Monster Hunter games will appear in X
– These include Zinogre, Tigrex, Brachydios, and Rathalos
– Ancient Forest area has its own ecosystem with all kinds of unexplored areas to it
– The Rimosetosu are calm herbivores
– Rimosetosu use their long necks to eat fruits found in higher areas
– They also make characteristic sounds from the back of their heads
– New Bird Wyvern called the Great Maccau
– Maccaus feature red and green colors with powerful hind legs
– They tend to attack in packs
– The Great Maccau: leaders of the pack
– They’re the larger alphas of the group
– Great Maccau have movements unlike any we’ve seen before
– Palicoes are back in the game with more support moves
– “Trampoline Skill” brings out trampolines on the field, which you can use to perform jump attacks
– “Cat-type Vitality Pot Skill”: a pot they bring out onto the field that provides a variety of buffs and effects to the Hunters
– “Headlong Cat Skill”: flashy move that has them launch themselves into the monsters
– Palicoes have moves that can heal the party, increase defense of allies, and do major damage to monsters
– Different cats in Verna Village
– “Felyne Plaza”: employ and raise Palicoes here with various activities for them
– Plaza has a “Cat Girl” for providing services to the Palicoes
– There’s also the “Palico Dojo,” where you’ll train your furry buddies
– “Mon-nyan Unit” for special quests
– Pet fluffy “Muufa” to bring out hearts, similar to other pet monsters in previous games, and a Felyne that provides all kinds of items from faraway areas
– Fields from the returning regions are in X
– These include the Forest and Hills, Snowy Mountains, Misty Peaks, and more


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