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Nintendo asks people to stop using Wi-Fi USB Connector due to security concerns

Posted on July 20, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, DSiWare, News, Random, Wii

Nintendo put out a notice today on its Japanese customer support Twitter page informing consumers to stop using the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector due to security concerns. The same also applies to the Network Adapter, which only released in Japan.

The primary reason for the notice is that these devices use WEP, an insecure Wi-Fi protection algorithm. Additionally, the adapter contains a bug in which it can be infected by malware.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector was intended for the DS and Wii – two systems that have long been phased out of the market – so we can’t see this notice applying to many people at this point. It was also somewhat of a niche product, as it was made for those that didn’t have a Wi-Fi connection to create one via a broadband-connected PC.

We also can’t forget that the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is no longer accessible. The service largely shut down in 2014. We then saw the end of DSi Shop services in 2017 and the same for Wii Shop Channel services in 2019.

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