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Nintendo Direct live streams, blog (9/13/17)

Posted on September 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Switch, Videos

The latest Nintendo Direct will be kicking off not too long from now. Nintendo will begin hosting the presentation at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET / 11 PM in the UK / 12 AM in Europe.

In the west, the new Nintendo Direct will be about 45 minutes long. The Japanese version will be 50 minutes long.

Assuming everything goes as planned, we’ll have a live blog going below. Big news updates will be posted in real time as well. Finally, we have embeds for all three streams below. Should be fun!


Live Blog

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

  • Necrozma has transformed into two new forms: Dusk and Dawn, depending on the game.
  • New map areas including a beach, the Valley of Pikachu, and new outfits.
  • The way you get your starter is different as well.
  • Purchasing the game early can get you a Rockruff that evolves into Dusk Lycanroc as well as Quick balls.
  • Pokemon Gold and Silver purchases on the eShop get you Celebi in Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
  • Ultra Beasts: UB Burst and UB Assembly are debuting in Ultra Sun and Moon.

Mario and Luigi: SSS + Bowser’s Minions

  • The Bowser’s Minions mode unlocks stamps, as does scanning Amiibo. These stamps will unlock new gear.

Kirby: Battle Royale

  • Includes a treasure hoarding mode, a battle royale mode, a single player story mode, and regional online battle. Available January 19th.

Yo-Kai Watch 2

  • New Yo-Kai and boss battles.

Minecraft for New Nintendo 3DS

  • Releases today, right after the presentation.

Mario Party: The Top 100

  • Launches on 3DS November 10th. Compilation of top 100 minigames from all past Parties.

Metroid: Samus Returns

  • Scheduled for September 15th.

The Alliance Alive

  • An Atlus game headed to 3DS in early 2018.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux

  • Coming Early 2018.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

  • Another 3DS game.

Etryan Oddysey 5: Beyond the Myth

  • Demo out today.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2:

  • New trailer explains Titans, kingdoms and a titan named Azurda who houses a boy named Rex.
  • The main female character’s name is Pyra.
  • Each Titan fosters unique scenery, travelling across Titans.
  • Drivers and Blades are fighters and supporters. Blades grant weapons and powers to drivers. Work toward charging Driver Arts, which do things like heal and do extra damage.
  • Switching Blades for more combinations allows for more playstyles. This is called Blade Resonance. Your weapons and art depend on Blades.
  • Blades are Attacker, Defender or Healer types. Switching is important and part of core gameplay. Finding the right Blade for the job is emphasized.
  • Blade Specials are devastating attacks that have four levels of intensity depending on when you use them.
  • Special Edition: Sound Selection CD, Special metal box, and 220-page art book. Controller releasing separately.

Splatoon 2 updates

  • Snapper Canal: New map. A river runs down the middle.
  • Tenta Brella: New weapon. Looks like a regular umbrella, until it expands into a riot shield for guarding.

Fire Emblem Warriors

  • Lyn is a new character.
  • A new trailer launches today.

Snipperclips Plus

  • Loads of new content, including a world based on comic books and a toybox world as well.
  • New feature gives random body shapes to replay levels with.
  • November 10th launch.

Morphy’s Law

  • Shapeshifting, size-changing shooter on the Switch.
  • Team-based online shooter that gives you powerups based on the size of your body parts.
  • Launching Winter.

Rocket League

  • Mario and Luigi hats and Nintendo-themed Battle Cars.
  • Samus gunship
  • Local wireless multiplayer.
  • Launching this holiday.

Battles Rage/Arena of Valor

  • New MOBA on Switch.
  • Topdown 5v5 game

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • Zelda items obtainable by tapping a Zelda Amiibo.
  • Launches November 17th in EU and the Americas.

DOOM and Wolfenstein 2

  • DOOM is available on Switch this holiday.
  • Wolfenstein 2 launches in 2018.

Flip Wars

  • New update including online battle mode
  • Red hot new stage: Red Colosseum.
  • Local multiplayer introduced.

Arcade Classics

  • Mario Bros
  • Vs. Super Mario Brothers
  • Vs. Balloon Fight
  • Vs. Ice Climbers
  • Vs. Pinball
  • Vs. Clu Clu land
  • And more coming to Switch.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Amiibo champions releasing on November 10th.
  • Grant headgar based on the champion’s divine beasts that do something special.

NBA 2K18

  • Coming October 17th.

WWE 2K18

  • Coming soon.


  • Launching on September 29th.

Pokken Tournament DX

  • Demo version available right now.

Project Octopath Traveler (WORKING TITLE)

  • New Square Enix game, exclusive to Switch.
  • Eight characters, eight lands, eight “stories to be told.”
  • A personalized adventure.
  • World drawn in “HD 2D.” Very crisp yet pixellated graphics.
  • Each character has their own path action that allows them to progress in the story their own way. For instance, one character can challenge to a duel and one can allure NPCs.
  • Grants the freedom to choose your own path through “true role-playing.”
  • Battle system: Fusion of simple turn-based battles and all-new mechanics, such as the boost system: Spend points collected in battle to do things like cause chain attacks.
  • Demo version will release later today on the Nintendo eShop, followed by a survey asking what people think of it.
  • Worldwide release scheduled in 2018.
  • Full version of trailer being released after the Direct.


  • Version 3 coming out. Adding new stage and Lola Pop.
  • Customizable, remappable controls.
  • Update available right after the presentation.

Dragon Quest Builders

  • Coming to Switch in Spring 2018.

Kirby on Switch:

  • Initiate team-up attacks depending on your allies’ copy abilities. Insane amounts of combinations.
  • Defeat the darkened force manipulating Dream Land.
  • Spring 2018.

Nintendo eShop

  • Steamworld Dig 2: Sept. 21
  • Gold Story: September
  • Nine Parchments: Holiday
  • Battle Chef Brigade: Holiday
  • Tiny Metal
  • Super Meat Boy Forever: 2018
  • Lost Sphear: January 23
  • Sonic Forces: November 7
  • Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2: Nov. 28
  • L.A. Noire: November 14th

Super Mario Odyssey

  • Cappy wants to rescue his sister Tiara, who is on the head of Peach.
  • Areas: New Donk City, Tostarena, Mount Volbono, Steam Gardens, Bonneton, Fossil Falls…
  • New area: Shiveria. This ice-cold realm will chill you.
  • Bubblaine: Seaside Kingdom. The seawater is carbonated.
  • Mario has even more kingdoms to visit including tropical islands. Nintendo “won’t spoil them all.”
  • There are many more power moons than necessary, for completionists.
  • Some power moons are very tricky. Very hard to get them all.
  • Upon collecting all power moons, something neat “may” happen.
  • Talkatoo can give you hints, as can blue toad and Uncle Amiibo.
  • Koopa Free Running, Jumprope Challenges, and more are hidden minigames that provide power moons based on score. Online score-based system.
  • Crazy Cap: Outfits can be both from Mario’s past or just thematically connected to the kingdom they came from.
  • Snapshot mode: Freeze time at any moment and rotate the camera, like Super Smash Brothers. Includes filters, rotations, and stickers.
  • Chock-full of classic gameplay elements alongside new things. Lyrics sung by Pauline.
  • “Landing” October 27, along with the wedding amiibo figures.
  • Mario Odyssey Edition Nintendo Switch coming on October 27 as well, along with a Switch carrying case.

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