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Nintendo discusses the large amount of work and changes to microgames made in WarioWare Gold

Posted on October 18, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

WarioWare Gold

WarioWare Gold contains a ton of microgames from the series’ past entries. While it may seem like a simple compilation, there was a ton of work involved and a lot of little touches players may not immediately notice.

Speaking about what the team did, director Goro Abe told Kotaku:

“We basically redrew the art for all the microgames and reprogrammed them from scratch. A lot of the games that look unchanged at first glance actually have a lot of changes upon comparison.”

A lot of WarioWare Gold’s microgames were affected one way or another. Gold Digger now has more types of noses to pick and fake-outs with nose-piercings and a chomping mouth. Abe also says there’s also a “character in Self-Defense was young in Twisted, but has since gotten older and become a master (though he’s still doing the same thing).” In the Doggy Door game, Mario Wiki mentions: “The dog is replaced by a horse, the satellite is now a blimp, and the clouds are added to the background.”

Abe also discussed how games were changed to create connections between them that didn’t exist previously:

“The same couple appears in Hookin’ Up, Love Tester, Rocky Reunion, Tearful Reunion, and Long Lost Love. We tried creating a drama between a man and woman that spans several microgames.”

As for how the microgames were chosen for WarioWare Gold in the first place, Abe stated:

“There are over 1,100 in total if you include everything from Smooth Moves, D.I.Y., and Game & Wario. I surveyed the staff to determine which games from these titles we should polish. Then, I ranked all of the microgames according to elements like which ones are appreciated by the staff through the survey, which ones have rules that are easy to understand, and which ones don’t feel old when played now.”


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