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[Nintendo Everything Podcast] – episode #100 – Shameful Urbosa folders and Pikmin buds

Posted on October 11, 2020 by (@Oni_Dino) in Podcast

nintendo everything podcast 100

This week on Nintendo Everything Podcast 100, both Oni Dino and Galen are exhausted and a little loopy… But there are some great games to talk about. Oni Dino’s been playing Prinny, Can I Really Be the Hero? While Galen’s hopping on the trends with Among Us. There were plenty of new details for games we’re excited about in the news, then we cap things off with a discussion of bad licensed games that we loved anyway.

To celebrate 100 episodes, we’ve opened up a podcast discord for listeners to chill, chat, and make friends. Check out links and timestamps below and come hang out.

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– 18:46 – Adventure Log: Among Us
– 28:78 – Adventure Log: Prinny, Can I Really Be the Hero?
– 38:35 – Adventure Log: Quick Animal Crossing prep for Halloween
– 43:10 – News: New Monster Hunter Rise and Stories 2 details
– 53:33 – News: New Pikmin 3 details
– 59:18 – News: New Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity details
– 1:12:04 – Additional DLC
– 1:20:09 – Listener Mail: Bad licensed video games that we love anyway.

Additional DLC:

– Food4Dogs

– The Social Dilemma

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