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[Nintendo Everything Podcast] – episode #109 – Two Japanese pastimes and the Bidinko

Posted on December 20, 2020 by (@Oni_Dino) in Podcast

Nintendo Everything Podcast 109

This week on Nintendo Everything Podcast, we’ve got so much news to talk about, despite being the very end of the year. Galen’s been playing Cyberpunk 2077, so we dive into the controversy, first-hand and second-hand experiences. We’ve also got Sephiroth impressions, Indie World Showcase recap, and Super Nintendo World recap. Did we really get three directs in one week (more or less)? We’re also picking the winner of the Twitter giveaway, too! Listen to the opening of the show to see who won.

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05:08 – Adventure Log: Cyberpunk 2077 and controversy

38:35 – News: Sakurai Presents Sephiroth

54:35 – News: Indie World Showcase and both of our cats

1:11:05 – News: Super Nintendo World Direct at Universal Studios Japan

1:23:39 – Additional DLC

1:27:13 – Listener Mail

Additional DLC:

– Japan-only PS2 Games (ThorHighHeels):

– Animator vs. Animation:

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