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[Nintendo Everything Podcast] – episode #70 – JRPG Megacast: Critiquing Final Fantasy VII Remake (feat. Barry from Nintendo Fuse)

Posted on March 8, 2020 by (@Oni_Dino) in Podcast

Hello my beautiful materia! This week on NEP, we’re joined by special guest and JRPG expert: Barry from the Nintendo Fuse Podcast. This episode is all JRPG and Square-Enix focused, as we examine the more recent years of Square-Enix (with some love for the classics, too, of course!). Oni Dino also goes into his impressions at length about the demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake, sharing his love and frustration.

Topics include FFXIII trilogy, XIV, XV the Kingdom Hearts series, and more. We end up asking the question, “What can Square-Enix do to revitalize the series?” “What if the FFVII series of releases starts to underperform?” and “Are consumers giving this release structure a dangerous pass?” The main topic of the FFVII Remake demo leads us to talk about the issue of selling the game in multiple parts over multiple generations of hardware and over (presumably) multiple decades. We’ve got three very different, and very opinionated perspectives. Join us, as we take a very deep dive to examine the character writing, the battle system, controls, camera and more of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s demo.

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  • 10:20 – Adventure Log: Galen gabs about Snack World!
  • 10:20 – Adventure Log: Barry
  • 30:24 – Adventure Log: Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. Impressions, critiques, love and hate. Unhealthy mindsets that are anti-critique. Unhealthy mindsets in attributing a part of your personality to a product, then getting personally offended when a stranger doesn’t like the product.
  • 56:20 – Getting back to FFVIIR demo impressions. How will Square-Enix pull this off?
  • 2:03:19 – Additional DLC
  • 2:07:23 – Listener Mail: What games did we miss out on their original version, but we played the remakes? Also, what games deserve to be remade? So on-brand with the episode topic.

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