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Reggie – new 3DS game announcements coming, Mario Kart Tour status update

Posted on June 18, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Mobile, News

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has said time and time again that the 3DS isn’t going anywhere. In an interview with IGN, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime reiterated this once again.

Reggie stated that there are still “new games” planned for 3DS. Nintendo will be announcing these titles “over the next few months”.

As Reggie noted:

“We’re going to continue [focusing on the 3DS], we’re going to continue to have some new games on that platform. We’re going to announce [them], and we will over the next number of months, but it’s going to continue to be a vibrant piece of our overall business, certainly here in the Americas.”

Reggie also commented on Mario Kart Tour. The mobile game, which was announced at the start of the year, hasn’t been mentioned since. However, it’s still in the works and on track for this fiscal year.

According to Reggie:

“Depending on the game, E3 could or could not be a place to shed light on mobile activity. In the case of Mario Kart Tour, we made the decision that there’s going to be another opportunity to shed more light on that app, especially shedding light when it’s closer to its launch. We continue to be on track to launch it in this current fiscal year for Nintendo.”

Reggie added that Nintendo still sees “tremendous opportunity” with mobile to introduce franchises to those who haven’t played them. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is one example of this.


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