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Mario Kart Tour

The Super Mario Kart Tour is just about over in Mario Kart Tour. Nintendo has already announced the next event though, which is starting soon.

On September 23 at 11 PM PT / September 24 at 2 AM ET, players can begin participating in the Los Angeles Tour. A screenshot teasing the event can be found above. We should have a trailer later this week.


Starting Sep 8, 11 PM PT, get ready for some nostalgia with Mario (SNES) and Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES) in the Super Mario Kart Tour. Players can enjoy the past with these special 16-bit style racers that pay homage to the very first Mario Kart title on SNES. Check out the trailer below to see them in action:

Earlier today, the latest event started in Mario Kart Tour. Find a trailer for the Summer Festival Tour below.

The Pirate Tour has arrived for players of Mario Kart Tour. King Bob-omb and an adorable pirate-themed Bowser Jr. join the list of racers with this event. Will you have the luck necessary to add them to your team? Check out the trailer below to get a preview of the tour, as well as seeing the new racers in action:

Mario Kart Tour has received another pair of “How will you kart?” commercials, continuing the trend we’ve seen over the past few days. Both adverts can be found below.

View previous commercials for Mario Kart Tour here and here.

Nintendo has announced the next major event for Mario Kart Tour. The Pirate Tour starts on August 11 at 11 PM PT / August 12 at 2 AM ET, the company has announced.

We should have a trailer for the Pirate Tour next week. For now, you can get a look at a teaser image above.


Nintendo has prepared a couple of additional commercial for Mario Kart Tour. We’ve attached the latest adverts below.

For those that missed them earlier in the week, we have the first wave of “How will you kart?” commercials here.

Nintendo has shared a couple of new “How will you kart” commercials for its mobile game Mario Kart Tour. Take a look at the adverts below.

Mario Kart Tour is out now for mobile on iOS and Android.

Mario Kart World Tour is now hosting the Wild West Tour, with it comes two new drivers and a new course. Wario (Cowboy) and Nabbit are now available to unlock, and the course Kalimari Desert is now available. Check out the trailer below.

Nintendo has announced the next event for Mario Kart Tour. On July 28 at 11 PM PT / July 29 at 2 AM ET, players will be able to participate in the Wild West Tour. Kalimari Desert will be featured.

For now, the Exploration Tour is taking place on Mario Kart Tour. Captain Toad and Toadette in her explorer gear headlined that event.