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RiffTrax: The Game update out now (version 1.1), patch notes and trailer

Posted on May 25, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop, Videos

RiffTrax: The Game update 1.1

RiffTrax: The Game has received an update, with the game moving up to version 1.1.

50 new clips have been added to the game. New options have been added as well, and there are a bunch of bug fixes.

The full patch notes for the RiffTrax: The Game version 1.1 update are as follows:


  • 50 New Clips! – Brand new clips and riffs! Featuring clips from RiffTrax classics such as “Planet of Dinosaurs”, “Beaks!”, “Giant from the Unknown”, and “The Wonderful Land of Oz”!

Film List

  • Beaks
  • Bloody Pit Of Horror
  • Giant From The Unknown
  • Honor and Glory
  • How to Keep A Job
  • In Between
  • Magical Disappearing Money
  • Wonderful Land of Oz
  • Velvet Smooth

New Options

  • Disable Riff For Me (Options > Gameplay)
  • Mute clip audio during Riff (Options > Audio/Music)


  • Mod Approval Time – Mods now have 20 seconds to approve clips.
  • General – Fixed minor moderation bugs.


  • Custom Clip Error – Remote players now receive an error if a custom clip is used. NOTE: If playing a remote game with custom clips, make sure all players have a copy of the custom clips.
  • Voice Chat Icon – Voice chat will now display your mic icon/user id when you’re speaking.
  • Reminder to mute voice chat and disable remote games while streaming
  • Twitch chat voting prompts – displays on-screen cue during voting

Bug Fixes

  • Pause Spamming – Fixed a bug where pause spamming would softlock the game.
  • Player Kick – Fixed a bug where the host could not kick players from the join screen lobby.
  • Write a Riff Sync – Fixed a bug where a last second WAR submission would play for the host but not remote players.
  • Fixed game mode selection bug
  • Fixed accidental round skipping bug
  • Fixed moderation bug. Last second submission will no longer bypass moderation.
  • Fixed host/remote riff sync error. Last second submission will no longer playback on host.
  • Fixed a winner’s screen softlock bug. Pausing the game during the winner reveal will no longer softlock the game.
  • Improved reconnection to the game from RiffTrax.Games website after disconnect.
  • Fixed an issue with female TTS not playing for remote players.

Have a look at a trailer showing off the new 1.1 update for RiffTrax: The Game below.


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