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RiffTrax: The Game update 1.2

The Switch version of RiffTrax: The Game will be receiving a new 1.2 update tomorrow, it’s been announced.

New content is planned including 30 new clips. Twitch streamers will find some new options as well. That’s along with Pick A Riff, Riff Bot, and more. 

RiffTrax: The Game update 1.1

RiffTrax: The Game has received an update, with the game moving up to version 1.1.

50 new clips have been added to the game. New options have been added as well, and there are a bunch of bug fixes.

The full patch notes for the RiffTrax: The Game version 1.1 update are as follows:

RiffTrax: The Game

What the Dub?! creator Wide Right Interactive and RiffTrax, the team behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, have announced that they’re teaming up on RiffTrax: The Game. It’s slated for a May 5, 2022 release on Switch.

RiffTrax: The Game is described as “the definitive movie heckling party title”. It includes over 250 movies clips, new game modes, Twitch integration, and more ways to connect players.

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