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Shovel Knight Dig reveals Wicked Wishes DLC

Posted on June 14, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Shovel Knight Dig Wicked Wishes

Yacht Club Games today provided an update on Shovel Knight Dig, revealing new DLC for the game in the form of Wicked Wishes. The DLC launches this summer.

Wicked Wishes includes new challenges, missions, mini-games, secret locations, and more. There’s also been a rebalance to the algorithm, fixes, and other aspects.

Here’s the official rundown:

Your new adventure begins as you step into the Hoofman’s Guild Hall – a secret hideout where elite quest-seekers and their illustrious patrons converge! Climb the ranks within the guild by undertaking their thrilling challenges. Collect powerful Relics and buffs, face new bosses and enemies, and unravel the mysteries encircling the impeccably dressed horse and his top adventurer, the Guildarch. But be careful what you wish for, wicked consequences await you in the well…

We’ve also added the finishing touches on the game by rebalancing the algorithm and implementing over 100 bug fixes, tweaks, and localization improvements! We’ll release all of the fixes on our Shovel Knight Dig Updates page come release!

Watch a trailer for the Shovel Knight Dig Wicked Wishes DLC below.

Wicked Wishes Trailer

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