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Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns – a look at the 3DS theme, new update and DLC details

Posted on November 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

XSEED has posted what looks to be the last blog for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. But it’s a big one – XSEED talks about the upcoming update, the new DLC, and 3DS theme.

Here’s the full rundown in its entirety:

Welcome to what I think will be the final localization blog for STORY OF SEASONS: Trio of Towns. As you might have seen, we announced a release date (Nov. 9) and price ($7.99) for the Trio of Towns DLC. We are also, at long last, able to release the Trio of Towns 3DS theme on the North American eShop for $1.99. I apologize for the drought of information between our last blog post and now. Production proved to be challenging in unforeseen ways, and we didn’t want to give out new info before we were certain the content was ready to be released.

A scene from one of the DLC events.

I’d like to use this blog to lay out all the content that will be released next Thursday.


The Version 1.1 patch will either be automatically downloaded to your 3DS system, or you can find it on the eShop and download it from there.

In addition to the bug fixes and text corrections mentioned in our previous blog, this patch will add four outfits. These include Lest and Frey’s outfits from our 2013 release Rune Factory 4. We wanted to distribute these outfits to all players as thanks for their support of Trio of Towns, and their patience during the development of the game’s extra content. Once the update is installed, the new clothing items will be available for purchase at Ludus’ shop (the Rune Factory 4 outfits) and the wholesale store in Tsuyukusa (the Perfect Dress and Poodle outfits).

I’m including screenshots of the ingredients needed to make each, so those of you who want to cosplay Lest/Frey (or voice actress Ayana Taketatsu, who inspired the Perfect outfits) can start getting the materials together.

Princess’ Attire

Prince’s Attire

Perfect Top Hat

Perfect Dress&nbsp

Poodle Hat


Once you’ve downloaded the 1.1 patch, the DLC, called the “New Neighbors Pack,” will be purchasable from a newly added “Downloadable Content” menu on the title screen.

Follow us for more thrilling screenshots of menus!

We decided to roll all of the content into one DLC package, which allowed us to reduce its cost from our original estimate to $7.99. This “New Neighbors Pack” is the only DLC for the game, and will contain almost* everything from the four post-launch Japanese patches:

  • Marriage candidates Woofio and Stephanie
  • The ability to have a child with Inari
  • Events such as cultural exchanges among the three towns and a visit from your father
  • Events immediately following the New Year’s Festival and Starlight Gala
  • About 50 new lines of dialogue per marriage candidate, including clothing/pet reactions
  • 5 special winter outfits
  • A performer story

We’ve posted lots of screenshots from this content on the STORY OF SEASONS Facebook page over the past few months. For more information on Woofio and Stephanie, be sure to check back there next week.

If you were wondering, players with the retail game, the patch, and the DLC can all play online with one another without issue. The new outfits will just show up as the default outfit if you are playing on a version without the added data.

*As with Hamtaro, we were unable to secure the rights to use Chebrashka, so this little Russian character is missing from our release.


This theme features the bachelors and bachelorettes (sadly, it is missing Woofio and Stephanie), and plays one of the romance event songs. You can purchase it (and the STORY OF SEASONS and Rune Factory 4) themes from the Theme Shop on your Nintendo 3DS.


It has been a long road to releasing this extra content, from our first blog post asking for feedback to release about 9 months later. The process of translating and editing was smooth, but we hit several roadblocks during production. Still, I think that Trio of Towns is a really special entry in this long-running series (though I’m obviously a little biased), and so even though we’ve made you wait, I hope that you will enjoy this opportunity to interact with Westown, Tsuyukusa, and Lulukoko in new ways.


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