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Streets of Rage 4 update out now on Switch (version 1.0.6), Mr. X Nightmare DLC delayed

Posted on July 15, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Today, Streets of Rage 4 received a free update on Switch. The game is now at version 1.0.6.

Streets of Rage 4 has added a new difficulty mode, training more, and character adjustments. The full patch notes can be found below.



  • Added Mania+ Difficulty mode
  • Added Training Mode
  • (DLC only) Added Survival Mode: perks, new stages, new music, new weapons 
  • (DLC only) Added alternate move sets for ALL characters (mix-and-match, customizable)

All Characters:

  • Player fall damage reduced from 30 to 20
  • Longer stun after vault jump
  • Better jab hitbox to match animation and work at close range
  • Weapon throw now hits at close range


All SOR4 Characters:

  • Added alternative color palettes.

Estel Aguirre (SOR4):

  • (DLC only) New character

Max Thunder (SOR4):

  • (DLC only) New character

Shiva (SOR4):

  • (DLC only) New character

Axel Stone (SOR4):

  • Longer jump
  • Star move has bigger damage and longer active frames
  • Air special has shorter recovery, bigger depth, bigger damage, more active frames
  • Air kick combo does more damage
  • Combo does more damage
  • Blitz does more damage and ignores enemy’s weight
  • Back attack has better wallbounce properties
  • Headbutt is invincible

Adam Hunter (SOR4):

  • Air special does 2 more hits

Cherry Hunter (SOR4):

  • Blitz can not fall into holes

Floyd Iraia (SOR4):

  • Better jab range
  • Better hitbox on combo
  • Added weapon specials


ALL SOR1 Characters:

  • More invincibility frames after their star move


ALL SOR2 Characters:

  • Faster jump

Blaze Fielding (SOR2):

  • Combo is faster and does more damage
  • Added wallbounce property on elbow
  • Back attack has an extra bounce
  • Special moves cost less health
  • Blitz move is invincible and has better depth
  • Defensive special hits off the ground
  • Star move has a better hitboxes

Skate Hunter (SOR2):

  • Defensive special hits off the ground

Axel Stone (SOR2):

  • Defensive special hits off the ground
  • Fixed star move not recovering green health
  • Blitz longer distance
  • Longer jab hitbox

Max Thunder (SOR2):

  • Slightly faster walk speed
  • Bigger grab range
  • Blitz longer distance


Axel Stone (SOR3):

  • Fixed star move not recovering green health
  • Blitz hits off the ground
  • better combo hitboxes
  • Faster run speed

Blaze Fielding (SOR3):

  • Better charge attack
  • Added wallbounce property on elbow
  • Combo is faster
  • Back attack has an extra bounce
  • Defensive special can hit off the ground
  • Special moves cost less health
  • Offensive special has better juggle properties and can wallbounce

Skate Hunter (SOR3):

  • Blitz does more damage
  • Defensive special hits off the ground
  • Offensive special costs less health
  • Better jab hitbox

Shiva (SOR3):

  • Better star move hitboxes
  • Better jab hitbox

Zan (SOR3):

  • Better jab hitbox
  • Can now pick up food while holding energy orb


  • New star pickup sound
  • Lots of weapon sounds rework
  • Lots of retro character’s sound inaccuracies fixed
  • Falling into a hole makes a sound (and shakes the screen)


Goro / Karateka:

  • Can not parry thrown bodies anymore
  • Longer grab struggle time


  • Takes a little damage when guarding

Streets of Rage 4’s Mr. X Nightmare DLC was also expected today, but it has unfortunately been delayed on Switch. It may take a few days for the issue to be resolved – stay tuned.

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