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Super Neptunia RPG details and screenshots – Magic Gems, Quests, Hunt Quests

Posted on December 12, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Super Neptunia RPG has received a new batch of details and screenshots covering Magic Gems, Quests, and Hunt Quests. We’ve rounded up everything below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Magic Gems / Magic Gem Switches

– Towns and dungeons have “Magic Gems” and “Magic Gem Switches” scattered about
– By touching a Magic Gem, you can obtain it, and by examining a Magic Gem Switch, a challenge will begin

Magic Gem Challenge

– By examining a Magic Gem Switch, a Magic Gem will appear and a “challenge” will begin
– If you obtain all of the Magic Gems within the time limit, you will clear the challenge and obtain a Magic Gem
– If you go over the time limit, the Magic Gems will disappear and you will fail the challenge
– If you are unable to clear a challenge, you can always just try it again
– The Magic Gems you collect can be exchanged for equipment at NPCs in dungeons


– Take on Quests by talking to the NPCs in towns and dungeons
– See the “!” mark to talk to the NPC to receive a Quest
– Star mark indicates that a Quest is already in progress
– Since you might complete the Quest as you are playing through the story, there is no harm in accepting the Quests you pass by
– Since Quests have no effect on the story, you are free to take them on at your own pace
– Can’t cancel a Quest once accepted

Quest Menu

– You can see which Quests and Hunt Quests you have accepted in the Quest menu
– Game shows you the list of accepted Quests, whether it’s active, the quest type (subjugation and fetch / delivery), reward, and where to go
– If a Quest is set to active, the Quest objective can be displayed
– You can pull up and hide the navigation that displays the Quest objective with the press of a button

Hunt Quests

– Each town has a Guild where you can take on Hunt Quests
– After accepting a Hunt Quest, the target monster will appear in a dungeon
– Depending on the monster, it may be lurking in an area not displayed on the dungeon map
– Game will show you the reward you will receive for defeating the monster, the monster you need to defeat, and the name of the dungeon where the monster will appear
– There are Hunt Quests recommended for players from Levels 5 and 100
– If you are confident and have the skill for it, you can take on a Hunt Quest regardless of level
– Defeating the target monster will earn you experience points and drops

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