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A Little Golf Journey

A Little Golf Journey, which originally debuted on the Switch eShop, is now confirmed for physical release. Limited Run Games announced the news on its social media pages just a short while ago.

A Little Golf Journey first appeared on Switch last October. It had not been offered in boxed format until now.

A Little Golf Journey just launched on Switch, and new gameplay is now available. The video shows off nearly a half hour of footage.

Read more about A Little Golf Journey below:

A Little Golf Journey, a relaxing adventure golf game, has received a new trailer promoting today’s launch. The title can be accessed on Switch starting today.

For more on A Little Golf Journey, check out the overview below:

Publisher Playtonic Friends and developer Okidokico have set a release date for the Switch version of A Little Golf Journey, their relaxing adventure golf game. It will launch on October 14.

A Little Golf Journey has players taking on golfing challenges to ultimately bring color back to the world. The game offers a total of 10 courses and 100 holes. Secret holes, off-path mysteries, and collectables are all included.

Playtonic Friends and Okidokico today announced that A Little Golf Journey, a relaxing adventure golf game, is currently in the works for Switch. A release is planned for this summer.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

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