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Amzy readied a new video for its Japanese 3DS eShop game Battle of Elemental REBOOST. Take a look at it below.

A new Battle of Elemental REBOOST video has gone live which acts as a tutorial of sorts. View it below.

Two new Battle of Elemental REBOOST videos have gone live which focus on rival characters Mel and Io, who are playable in the game. You can get a look at both clips below.

Two new Battle of Elemental REBOOST videos have gone live which focus on rival characters Sils and Renzasilt, who are playable in the game. You can get a look at both clips below.

Today’s update on Battle of Elemental REBOOST covers rival characters and Survival Mode.

Regarding the new characters, four of them are the alter egos of the game’s previously announced playable characters. The lineup includes Sils (Celcius’ alter ego), Renzasilt (Fahrenheit’s alter ego), Mal (Mole’s alter ego), and Io (Biot’s alter ego). We’re yet to see the fifth, though it seems to unlock after meeting certain requirements.

We also have the first word on the new Survival Mode. Players win through fights as their favorite character to achieve a high score. The mode features a “Record” screen to view wins and losses, along with key configuration to change the controls to your liking.


Amzy has prepared several new Battle of Elemental REBOOST videos which highlight some of the playable characters. Below, you can get a look at Celsius, Fahrenheit, Mole, and Biot.

Clash of the Elementalists came out as a DSiWare title in 2011. Two years later, Teyon brought the game overseas.

Amzy is now re-releasing Clash of the Elementalists in Japan as a 3DS eShop title under the name “Battle of Elemental REBOOST”. It’ll be released in June for 500 yen.

Celsius, Fahrenheit, Mole, and Biot have been shown as confirmed characters. On 3DS, the new version will sport updated graphics and new elements, such as one-on-one online battles, local battles, plus arcade, free battle, and training modes.

Here’s a trailer:


AMZY has shared a few new details about Phosphorescent Lanze, which is hitting the Japanese 3DS eShop this week. A roundup of the latest information is posted below.

– Set in another post-apocalyptic world
– Countries as we know them no longer exist
– The collapse of humanity’s biggest hope, the World Union, saw to that end
– Security forces have been created and mobilized to try to regain that which was lost
– Play as Eins
– Eins is a cyborg soldier with the power to transform between jet and human form
– Can switch anytime between forms to suit the situation
– Seren is the operator if the Ains
– Seren is formerly a student of the sciences
– Ratail: main opposing mech-lady for the enemy country/security forces


Amzy is working on a new shooter for the Japanese 3DS eShop. On December 4, the company will release “Phosphorescent Lanze”. Here’s what we know about the downloadable title thus far:

– Control a mech that can switch between two modes
– Flight form: move fast, can use lock-on missiles that hit multiple targets, and a powerful charge shot
– Can also more easily shake off missiles
– Have a slightly higher attack power
– Can’t make quick movements
– Wide turning radius
– Need more skill to target enemies in flight mode
– Fighting mode: more momentum, easier to target enemies
– Not suited for long distance travel or fighting multiple enemies
– Purchase different subunits that change how your ship performs
– These include lowering defense, but greatly raising attack power.
– 1,000 yen


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