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AOne Game

Omen of Sorrow gameplay

Eastasiasoft brought Omen of Sorrow to Switch this week, and new gameplay has come in. We’ve got a good look at the traditional 4-button fighting title.

Further information about it can be found below.

Omen of Sorrow release date

Thanks to Eastasiasoft and AOne Game, we now have a release date for Omen of Sorrow. The game launches on March 23, 2023, the two sides announced today.

Omen of Sorrow, a monster horror fighting title, was announced for Switch exactly one year ago. A release window was not provided at the time.

Here’s a bunch of information straight from Eastasiasoft:

omen of sorrow

Today, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer AOne Game announced that the fighting game Omen of Sorrow is making the jump to Switch.

For the release on Nintendo’s console, the title will feature revised story mode content and new endings in arcade mode.

Here’s some information about the game:

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