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Apt Games

Apt Games has released a launch trailer for the bullet hell game Terror Squid. Additionally, some footage has come in as well. Both videos can be found below.

Terror Squid is out today on the Switch eShop.

Terror Squid

Terror Squid, a bullet hell from Apt Games, is coming to the Switch eShop next week. Check out the launch trailer below.

Terror Squid is expected to launch on the Switch eShop on October 15.

Terror Squid

Apt Games has released a new Gamescom trailer for Terror Squid, its upcoming a bullet hell arcade game for Switch. View it below.

Terror Squid was originally planned for this past spring on Switch, but is now targeting the fall instead.

Terror Squid

Apt Games has shared a new developer walkthrough for its score-attack bullet hell game Terror Squid, which offers a four-minute look at how you navigate the self-made hazardous terrain before blowing up as much of it as you can in a chain reaction. We’ve included the video below.

Terror Squid launches on Switch later in 2020.

Apt Games today announced Terror Squid, a “score-attack synth nightmare” game. We’ll be seeing it on Switch this spring.

We have the following overview and trailer for Terror Squid:

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