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Beast Breaker

Beast Breaker, a turn-based action adventure game made it to Switch this week, and gameplay is now available. The title was made by the creator of Threes.

We have the following overview for Beast Breaker:

Earlier this year, we reported on a new Switch game known as Beast Breaker. The project, described as a turn-based “mouse-bouncing adventure”, is now just a couple of weeks away from landing on Switch.

Beast Breaker comes from Vodeo Games. The company was formed by Asher Vollmer, creator of the extremely popular and well-regarded puzzle title Threes. Switch never received Threes in the end, but the system is at least getting Vollmer’s new project.

Vodeo Games has announced that Beast Breaker, a turn-based mouse bouncing adventure, is coming to the Switch eShop this summer. Check out an overview and trailer below.