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Braid Anniversary Edition

Braid Anniversary Edition release date

There’s good news about Braid Anniversary Edition for Nintendo players, as the game is still in the works for Switch – and we have a release date of April 30, 2024.

After it was announced in 2020, the game just recently resurfaced. However, the Switch version was nowhere to be seen – leading many to believe that the Switch version was cancelled. It did pop up during today’s Indie World Showcase, however, and it’ll launch next year as is the case with other platforms.

Braid, Anniversary Edition

Thekla today unveiled a new version of the critically-acclaimed puzzle-adventure game Braid, and it’s coming to Switch. The redone version – titled Braid Anniversary Edition – is targeting a release on the console in Q1 2021.

Braid first debuted in 2008. This new version features updated visuals with reenvisioned areas, improved sound and music, and developer commentary.

Here’s the full announcement and debut trailer:

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