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Destructive Creations

Destructive Creations have released a new trailer for Ancestors Legacy showing off the upcoming physical release of their RTS title. Check it out below.

Both physical and digital versions of Ancestors Legacy are available now in the US, with the physical edition arriving in Europe on November 26.

Today, publisher Destructive Creations and developer 2 Stupid Devs announced that Space Raiders in Space is on the way to Switch. The tower defense game, which features a graphic novel storyline, is coming to Nintendo’s console “soon.”

Here’s an overview of Space Raiders in Space, along with a trailer:

Destructive Creations have released a new trailer for Ancestors Legacy, a historical RTS launching on the Switch eShop today.

Check it out below.

Destructive Creations’ squad-based real-time strategy game Ancestors Legacy has received a Switch release date. It’ll be available on Nintendo’s console starting June 11, the company announced today.

Here’s an overview of Ancestors Legacy, along with a trailer:

When Hatred originally came out in 2015, it did so with a significant amount of controversy. The isometric shoot ’em up was called out for its extreme violence, and was even removed from Steam for a short while. It ultimately settled for an “Adults Only” rating from the ESRB – not something you see too often.

After teasing an announcement earlier this week, Destructive Creations has now confirmed that it will be bringing Hatred to Switch. There’s no word yet on when it’ll be releasing or if any changes are being made – which may be required to release on Nintendo’s console – but we’ll keep you updated if we receive any additional information.

Here’s some information about Hatred, along with a trailer:

Judging by a new retailer listing, Ancestors Legacy could be coming to Switch. The squad-based real time strategy has been spotted over on Amazon Japan.

If that now-removed listing is accurate, we could be seeing Ancestors Legacy sooner rather than later. It’s currently pinned down for a May 19 release on Nintendo’s console.

Here’s some information about Ancestors Legacy as well as a trailer: