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Reverie Knights Tactics gameplay

Reverie Knights Tactics recently came to Switch, and we now have gameplay. This week’s video shows off over a half hour of footage.

Here’s some information about Reverie Knights Tactics:

Reverie Knights Tactics trailer

Reverie Knights Tactics, the new turn-based tactical RPG from 1C Entertainment and 40 Giants Entertainment, has received a new launch trailer. The game just landed on Switch.

For more on Reverie Knights Tactics, read the following overview:

Reverie Knights Tactics release date

Reverie Knights Tactics, which was first announced for Switch earlier this year, now has a release date. Publisher 1C Entertainment and developer 40 Giants Entertainment recently confirmed that the tactical RPG will be available starting on January 25, 2022.

Reverie Knights Tactics has players going on a quest to save their loved ones from Lennórien, the lost elven city, while fighting the goblin menace that spreads its terror across the continent. The game features a party of heroes with their own special abilities and skills. Along the journey, players can craft new items and accessories from the treasures they collect, make multiple decisions that impact how things out, and explore a huge map with secret quests, puzzles, and dungeons.

King's Bounty II update 1.5

Another update for King’s Bounty II was recently made available on Switch, bringing the game to version 1.5. It comes with more gameplay and balance changes, stability improvements, and more.

Continue on below for the full King’s Bounty II patch notes pertaining to update version 1.5.

King's Bounty II update 1.4

1C Entertainment and Prime Matter recently issued a first update for the Switch version of King’s Bounty II, bringing it to version 1.4. It contains gameplay adjustments and changes, fixes, and more.

Below are the full patch notes for the King’s Bounty II version 1.4 update:

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark update 1.6.0

Publisher 1C Entertainment and developer 6 Eyes Studio recently updated Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark to version 1.6.0. This is the final patch for the turn-based tactical RPG.

The version 1.6.0 update for Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is highlighted by two new monsters, the Draekon and Knifer. Continue on below for the full patch notes.

King's Bounty 2 review

System: Switch
Release date: August 24, 2021
Developer: 1C Entertainment
Publisher: 1C Entertainment / Prime Matter

Over the past few years, the turn-based strategy genre has become awash with new entries in some of its most landmark franchises; in retrospect, it should have seemed inevitable that someday, eventually, King’s Bounty would return on modern hardware. But I doubt that even longtime fans of this dormant franchise had expected to witness such an ambitious reinvention of the series’ name. Sure, at its heart, King’s Bounty II is still a grid-centric, turn-based strategy game with a traditional medieval setting, but with this new release, 1C Entertainment and Prime Matter have attempted to integrate more immersive role-playing elements, a grander world, and a completely different pace than the last game in the series. And while some of these new ideas can be well-executed individually, I left King’s Bounty II feeling unimpressed by the package as a whole.

King's Bounty II trailer

One final trailer has come in for King’s Bounty II. The game has just released on various platforms, including Switch, and today’s video celebrates the news.

Here’s the full trailer:

King's Bounty II gameplay

King’s Bounty II, a new turn-based RPG, is just about to find its way to Switch and some gameplay has come in. 1C Entertainment and Prime Matter will be bringing the game out tomorrow.

Footage from the Switch version is now available. Take a look at over 30 minutes of gameplay from King’s Bounty II below.

King's Bounty II

1C Entertainment and Prime Matter are back with the fourth and final character trailer for King’s Bounty II. We now have a look at Aivar, the former knight of the Royal Guard, who became a mercenary against his will.

Here’s some additional information:

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