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Black Forest Games has continued plugging away on Dieselstormers’ development. However, the studio has been keeping quiet regarding the console release.

Black Forest previously said that Dieselstormers would make its way to Wii U. While nothing new has really been shared in this area as of late, the studio has confirmed on Twitter that its game will still head to Nintendo’s console. Black Forest first needs to finish work on the main game for PC.


Black Forest Games posted a very interesting message on Twitter earlier today. In it, the studio said that the law department for DIESEL – a jeans company – sent a letter about an impending lawsuit for the IP DieselStormers.

Black Forest’s tweet reads:

We followed up about this and were told that, after applying for the DieselStormers IP, Black Forest was informed about a claim raised by DIESEL against the trademark because it might led to customer irritation. Black Forest says the only remotely fashion-related picture the company has is the one above, which makes this all the more stranger.

Black Forest’s legal team is currently looking into the case. The studio hopes that the situation will be resolved peacefully.


Dieselstormers has been successfully funded on Kickstarter with less than a day remaining. Thanks to fan support, the campaign managed to raise over $50,000. Black Forest Games intends to bring Dieselstormers to Wii U, so an eShop release will happen sometime in the future.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams developer Black Forest Games has launched a Kickstarter for a new project titled “DieselStörmers”.

DieselStörmers builds on Project Ravensdale – a separate Kickstarter that was cancelled last year. However, this new game is being made “from the ground up, completely from scratch.” Black Forest’s Kickstarter reads, “New ideas, new concept, from beginning to end, no holds barred.”

You can get a taste of DieselStörmers in the video above. More information can be found on the Kickstarter page here.