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Don’t Touch Anything Red

The file sizes for today’s digital Nintendo downloads keep coming in! This one is for Don’t Touch Anything Red. You’ll need 288.6MB of space in order to download the game.


Helix Games founder Bailey Earley spoke with Miiverse user Folkloner as part of a recent interview. Earley discussed the Wii U eShop title Don’t Touch Anything Red (which should hopefully be out next month and sooner in Europe), another new game for Wii U/3DS called “Altered”, and plans to bring out a media player for Nintendo’s console.

Check out Earley’s full responses below:

Helix Games is working on “Don’t Touch Anything Red” for the Wii U eShop. Here’s what we know thus far:

– Inspired by “The Impossible Game”, in which you play as a block that must jump over obstacles
– In this game, players can now control gravity and flip between the top and bottom of the screen
– Off-TV play
– 5-player multiplayer
– Versus and co-op modes
– 2 single-player modes
– $1.99
– 90% done
– Working on polish/minor details
– In 5-player multiplayer, one player may use the GamePad to place blocks to stop the other 4